Good Morning

A good start to the day I would say. Nice and bright from a rising sun, and now half an hour later it has arrived with a blue sky as a background. It does not mean that we will be having a hot summer day as Autumn has definitely arrived.

The trees are not changing their colours by coincidence even if some cannot quite decide whether to keep their leaves or not.

We now have halloween before us which we absolutely do not celebrate in Switzerland. There was an attempt a few years ago to introduce this celebration, but the stores were left with unwanted items and all the remaining halloween sweets like sugar pumpkins and ghosty chews were all to have at half price afterwards because no-one was interested. Of course Christmas is already in the air, which I also do not understand. We have only beginning of October and already some items are arriving in the stores. I have quite an attachment to Great Britain being a Brit and follow the news and watch the TV programmes. One of their major problems (and also other countries) is the deliveries of goods due to not having enough drivers for transport. It seems that covid is again rearing its ugly head as the main cuprit.

It is also now chestnut season and they are on offer at my online store so I decided to order some. Not a lot just enough for something extra with the evening meal. I decided I would try making them in my air fryer as I had found some instructions. There were various ways of doing it, so I chose the easiest method by just putting then in the fryer for 15 minutes It worked and they were cooked but a bit on the dry side.

I decided to stick with our roasted hot chestnuts from town where the same family arrive every Winter and have their chestnut house on the main square in town selling them freshly roasted. It is not worth the bother to do them yourself and a dangerous task when cutting through the shell before roasting.

I so not have to much time this morning a I am replacing the linen on the beds and am generally occupied with other housework. Have a good day everyone, see you around a little later. I leave you with a photo of my buddleia in the garden. It seems that it has not given up and is producing some new leaves hoping that Spring will soon be arriving again.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    Chestnuts are such a nice tradition, and so much better than over indulgence in candy. They are somewhat more familiar in Eastern Cities, such as Philadelphia and Manhattan, but not here in the West. There used to be a small chestnut orchard on the farm, but most of the trees were either gone or in bad condition by my time. The areas has been overtaken by the native Douglas fir and coast live oak.

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    • Our chestnut trees with the edible variety grow in Italy and the Italian part of Switzerland. There are roasted chestnut sellers in most towns in Switzerland. We call them „marroni“

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      • Chestnuts were never popular here. However, of the chestnuts that grow here, there is significant variety, including European, American, Chinese and Japanese chestnuts. Those on the farm were likely all European, although one of the neighbors believes that there were a few trees of American chestnuts also. I would like to grow American chestnuts, but could add a European chestnut also, just because that is what most people prefer.

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