RDP Tuesday: Emotion

What an emotionless bunch we have become. Just a chance shot at the local bus stop. One guy is reading the newsaper and the others? Give them a mobile phone and the only emotions are when they have contact with their colleagues who also have a mobile phone. Otherwise there is no time for an emotion, they are all too busy with looking at their phones.

RDP Tuesday: Emotion

19 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Emotion

  1. I think the phone thing is pretty weird. I should be used to it by now, but I’m not. I was in a restaurant with a friend a few weeks ago and two young guys were out for dinner together and never spoke to each other, just interacted with their phones. Weird

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  2. You see it everywhere. The last time I was in Sydney, three years ago, we went to dinner in a revolving restaurant. A young woman seated at a window table ignored the amazing view of Sydney by night, ignored her table companion and her meal. All she did was play on her phone with her head down the entire time we were there.

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