Good Morning

The Jura mountains are just managing to peep through the morning clouds so I am hoping that when they arrive they will stay for the day. It is colder now in the morning and the days of the Indian Summer are well and truly gone. I am not planning on doing anything today, I seem to be getting lazy in my golden oldie days.

As soon as I move around in the kitchen in the morning, my first visitor arrives in the shape of Roschti the cat who owns my neighbour. Cats have a routine and know exactly where to get their little treats.

And now No. 2 feline has just arrived, but I must have to disappoint her and send her further on her journey. The lady she owns has a problem with her as she prefers to visit softies like me that give them treats. I can understand it as there are two little girls that are missing her. Her name is actually joux-joux from the french. I always had a problem with spelling it, but now have it right. Yesterday I discovered her sleeping on one of the chairs outside on my porch. I chased her away but she is back this morning, although she no longer gets any eating treats from me. She has now wandered off to the next station on her morning tour.

One of my first chores on Sunday morning is to bake the half finished platt bread I get in the store. It is a bit of a tradition here to have one on a Sunday and many dedicated Swiss housewives bake their own, but so dedicated I am not. I bake my own bread, but not at the week-end. This was quite taste warm from the oven with butter and jam, so now I am set for the day.

I already have a small ham cooking for lunch and must prepare the veg to go with it – red cabbage and potatoes. I will now depart on the next course of my daily chores. I have my shopping list to complete for the next grocery delivery on Tuesday. I have noticed that Christmas already seems to be arriving. There are numerous notifications on the TV and on Internet that the Christmas food is being organised already. Reminders of Christmas shopping and baking are already here. I sort of no longer bother. We might eat something a little different but I stopped organising Christmas gifts a few years ago. The Christmas season has become a stress season and I no longer want to have anything to do with it.

And now I am off, have a good relaxed Sunday. I will probably be doing something with my apples, I have enough.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning. Great photos of what is going on at your house for the weekend. Take care and have a great day. The leaves are just starting to turn here so soon we will be raking leaves I reckon SLP …

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  2. Good Morning!
    I should go see how our apples are coming along. Apples are a bit later here, and the main ‘Pippin’ apple is a late anyway. Nonetheless, I should see how close they are to finished. There are many more cultivars of apple at the Farm, but I am not there to see them. Some of the earliest finish in September!

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      • Well yes; autumn is later here. Some apple cultivars are early, but that is relative. The same cultivars are likely even earlier there. In Beverly Hills, winter chill is inadequate for almost all cultivars of apple. I can remember only two cultivars that produce somewhat reliably there, and neither produce fruit that is of exemplary quality. People who grow them like them because it is what they were familiar with.

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