Good Morning

Looks like the sun will arrive eventually, even if it is only thinking about it. Yesterday was a day filled with rain showers in between and I was glad that I had no reason to go anywhere. I was quite happy to stay at home and watch the world go by from my windows on the world. The fridge and freezer are organised and we will survive.

I was quite pleased with my bird visitors yesterday. I still had a remainder of some nutty treats and the bird population had spread the word that there would be something to feed in the Angloswiss garden.

Imagine my surprise when this guy arrived. I had not seen a crow for a long while. They have their own exercises during the summer going for noisy group flights and generally annoying everyone. This was probably the advance patrol to see what would be of offer during the Winter.

It looks like even crows get grey feathers in their old age. This one might have been the chief of the group.

The surprise of the morning was to see that my robin had returned. I always have one robin appearing at the food supplies in winter. I do not know if it is the same one, or perhaps one of the new arrivals. It feeds alone and you rarely see it with other birds. It looks like the feeding days are now approaching. However am now out of food supplies so they will have to eat the berry remains on our trees for now.

Of course as long as their are sparrows there is action.

In the meanwhile the sun has appeared, however temperatures are now sinking and our weather report even mentioned the dreaded “snow” word although not this week and at higher attitudes than ours.

I have a small problem with my bread bakng at the moment, although probably due to the change in seasons. Whenever I have a freshly baked bread and it begins to cool down a fruit fly invasion begins to attack the bread. I now encase my bread in aluminium foil and they disappear. I have no idea why this is, but it might be the changing season. I still have more than 100 apples outside on my porch which might be attracting them, although I did not know they were such bread lovers. Keeping the bread in a wrapping keeps them away and they disappear.

And I am now off for the daily chores, although not so many and everything under control. Have a good one everyone and have as much fun as possible.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I am not sure, I am still searching for a suitable solution. I have now wrapped the bread in paper.I have just taken a freshly baked bread from the oven and hoping the flies willnot appear. Up to now I have seen none. They are so tiny.


  1. Good to see your bird ‘action shots’ again. The little robin is so sweet, and the two birds sitting on the stone–I thought they were potatoes for a minute. My thought was, “Maybe Mrs AngloSwiss found out the birds like potatoes.” 😂

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    • I a not sure about the birds and potatoes but I do know that our local mouse population are partial. I once had a bag of them in the garden cupboard. The ripped open the bag and had a munch so no more potatoes outside – now in the kitchen. The action shots are now finished for a while until I get some bird food.


    • I am hoping I won’t see any snow for a month at least. I will then be grounded and rely on deliveries. My doc wants to see me in November for a flu jab, I am hoping I will be able to get there.

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      • I have seen snow only a few times in my lifetime, and only briefly. However, when I met snow in Oklahoma, and was totally thrilled with it, I learned why others were less than thrilled, . . . after it did not melt for a few days. Ick!

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          • Snow belongs to our life in Winter. It starts with a few showers in November and from end December to Februarry, sometimes March we have snow. Switzerland is a country of skiing an sledging in the Winter months and the mountains are covered in the stuff. You hear the snow ploughs early in the morning clearing the roads. Our area gets its fair share, but we are only 500 meters. On the higher levels they live with it during the Winter.


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