RDP Sunday: Cryptic

Jabberwocks, Bandersnatches and toves, not to forget our friends living in the borogoves. Today we are clumpled in plunking our glorious treasure of gumpy words for a klongle to plankablog on the brillig and plonkle drigs of our so-called Jabberwockian words of slig. Let us spread the klankle to the brigs of the Jubjub tree and one day this chong of klings will be ours and the human element will be gringled. And now take your vorpal plogs and fruum the clingles of our future bliggies. Slog your friggles and shoffle in the folds of the fligs. It is time to trug and clog. And forever, let us be cryptic in hoggle and ploog.

RDP Sunday: Cryptic

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