Good Morning

The sun is rising and the sky is ready. Temperatures are now sinking a little as Autumn draws to the closing days, although no rain at the moment. I will now have to think about shifting my orchids inside before the frosty mornings arrive.

And today is a special day for us. No. 1 Son has his 52nd birthday today which also happens to be a local holiday in our neighbouring town of Solothurn for its patron Saint Urs. Unfortunately it is only the town that has the holiday and for everywhere outside of the direct walls of the town it is a normal working day, so son No. 1 has to go to work. It makes no difference for my daily life as I am not going anywhere today and tomorrow the stores are open again in town.

No. 2 son will also be calling past this evening as he is working in his office this week in a nearby town before returning to his part of Switzerland for the week-end and next week where he will be doing home office for the week. Things are gradually returning to normal in Switzerland but Kovid still hangs around like a Damocles Sword. Our Kanton is doing OK and has fewer cases of the epidemic. We still have to wear our masks in the stores and enclosed spaces, although restaurants and concerts are now OK to visit as long as you can show your vaccinnation with a certificate on the phone or otherwise, accompanied by you identification card to prove that you are the person on the certificate. As I personally very rarely mix under the crowds I do not need it.

Otherwise life goes on and according to this advertisement I saw in town, we will even be getting a visit from one of the Swiss circus tents. This would have been unthinkable a year ago.

On our estate the building noise goes further for the new block of apartments and we will be stuck with it until next year in summer. There is a constant banging noise where something is being driven into the ground, a pneumatic hammer of some sort. It is probably being used to form the foundations. There is a gigantic pit where there used to be a meadow. It is the last block planned for our area and afterwards the work will be finalised.

And now I must go. A bed waiting for fresh sheets and duvet covers needs my help. Otherwise it will be a bread baking session today and a spaghetti lunch. Stay safe and make the most of the day. My local feline Roschti has also paid a visit for an additional breakfast snack.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning .. enjoy spending time in the kitchen and have a great day. Your thoughts on cooking inspired me to make some spaghetti sauce with yellow, orange and red bell peppers … and other goodies … I plan to use it on mini pizzas and spaghetti. Thanks for your leadership! SLP ..

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