Good Morning

Since taking this photo when I left my bed, the sun has arrived and we now have just blue skies. At least I am hoping for a rain free day and probably so are my gardeners as they will be arriving for a days work of tidying my garden and trimming the hedges. Then the work will be done until next year. I also have quite a lot of weeds sprouting between the stones on the porch, which does not look very tidy.

I discovered this spider’s web on my privet hedge this morning. As the hedge will be trimmed today it will probably disappear. It is really a shame after all that work to build a home and larder for storing food.

Otherwise it was quite a dismal day yesterday with some rain now and again. My No. 1 son has now gathered the remainder of the apples on my tree and I am still wondering what to do with them. I have already given some to my neighbour and made two Swiss apple cakes, but it will be about 100 cakes to make until they are all used. I am keeping them outside on the porch which is a good place to store them as it will be cool enough. I do not have enough room inside for them.

I baked another apple tart yesterday afternoon which I enjoyed with some whipped cream.

And now I have to go. I have a few things to deal with before the gardener arrives. I will not be going anywhere today, but tomorrow I have a visit to the doc for my diabetic problems and a last check on my arm that I burnt some time ago with boiling liquid from cook. It is now looking quite good, no scars left, just a red under arm which does not hurt, but just looks interesting.

Have a good start to the week and my it be a good one – just make the most of it.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    The apples are great! I so miss apples. There are many trees on the farm, but I am not there. I might prune a few apple trees for my Pa when I go to his home in about a month, but the apples will be gone by that time.

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    • I planted my little sapling I bought at the supermarket 20 years ago. After the first three years the first apples appeared. This year I had never had so many apples and up to now no bad appless in the bunch. A few fell off the tree but otherwise they are almost perfect.

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      • So, it is a garden variety, rather than the tree that grew from a seed. I saw that the seed grown tree got cut down. I needed to pull up an apple tree that grew from seed in one of our landscapes, and someone else who works here put it in his garden. It is a few years old, but because it had always been cut back, it has not yet made any fruit. It will be interesting to see what it does.

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