Good Morning

Not such a bright and shiny morning today, but cloudy and we have rain. I suppose the garden is happy for some moisture, although with Winter around the corner I think it will have enough moisture in the next months. So what do you do on a rainy Sunday? I know I will be at home, probably baking something with apples. I already had more than 200 and yesterday No. 1 son gathered another 50 from the tree. I like an apple now and again, but this is overdoing it a little. Otherwise I will not be embarking on any other cooking adventures today. I remember the days when my mum would spend all Sunday morning in the kitchen with the Sunday roast and perhaps baking a Yorkshire pudding to go with it. My dad would take me “down the lane” which was our local Sunday Morning market in East London, well known all over London as Brick Lane and Petticoat Lane. It was full of stallholders and a tradition. I would even get a drink of sarsparilla (a sort of ancestor of coke in the fifties). At least it got me out of mum’s way whilst she was in the kitchen.

It was watering day for my orchids yesterday and I noticed they seem to be doing strange things again. I am not quite sure what this growth will become – a root or a flower stalk, but it looks interesting. They have been flowering all through the Summer and now is slowly the time to bring them inside.

They do not do so well inside, but this year I have organised another place for them and hope they survive well through the Winter.

I had an unwanted visitor yesterday. It began to climb up the cupboard door and he was a little too large to adopt as a pet. If spiders hang around in corners they do not bother me so much, but not spiders that go exploring. As I opened the door to the cupboard he began climbing. He was not in the cupboard but outside and I brushed him down.

It landed on the floor, then No. 1 son entered the kitchen not seeing it, and so was the short life of a spider. This was not a common garden spider, so perhaps it was for the best.

And that was yesterday’s excitement. I am now off to do the usual and wish you all a good day. One of my visiting cats, Shoo Shoo, just arrived with a pleading look on his face, although he is always well fed.

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … Great pictures. We moved our orchids to a sunnier window last year …. I am not sure it was a better place or not … they did not bloom, but the leaves seem more robust. We will maybe wait another year to see. Have a great day. SLP ….

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    • I have also found a place for the orchids with more sun, but not direct sun. During the Winter I do not expect them to bloom, but at least not die on me.


  2. Good Morning!
    The orchids are extending aerial roots. They work almost like terrestrial roots, but collect much of what they need from the air, or from cruddy water that falls onto them from the tropical rain forest canopy above them (in the wild). It is how they hang onto the trees that they prefer to live in.

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  3. Now you know why it’s raining (the dead spider) 😉 Orchids are epiphytes, with, like Tony said, air roots. I got tired of dealing with the ones I had and callously let them freeze to death outside (still feeling guilty about it) when I left them out when frost came. I would like to build a terrarium for orchids and not have to worry about them.

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  4. I get that weird growth on my orchids too. I thought they were going to be flowers, but so far, they grow for a while and then seem to dry up and fall off. I’m going to have to buy a book about orchids. There’s too much stuff going on that I don’t understand. I have no idea what that stalk is supposed to become. I was hoping it would be a flower, but so far, they just die. Watering day isn’t until Wednesday — if they seem to need it. Because we’ve had so much rain, nothing dries out and I won’t water it unless it’s pretty much dry.

    I just spent the last two days in the kitchen. The results were great, but my back hurts, my right big toe hurts and my shoulder wants to leave home without me.

    That looked like a pretty big spider to me!

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    • Our resident horticulturist Tony tells me they are air roots and would attach themselves to trees if the orchid would be vgrowing naturally. I will just leave it to do it’s own thing. I give mine a bath once a week at the weekend with some fertilizer .
      I spend my cooking time baking bread and now have begun to make my own pizza which is turning out quite well. What I like about baking with yeast is that youncan rest in between whilst the pastry is rising.
      It was a bigger spider, but not dangerous, just in the wrong place at the wrong time


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