Good Morning

Where do you start to write in the morning. I have stopped hugging the bed, and the first stop is to go in the next room and open the window, naturally with your iPhone camera and take a few photos.The photos are always the same place, but according to what our weather has decided, they are all a little different. I must now have a collection with over 500 morning photos, same place, same time, but they all have their own charm. This morning it was a misty morning, no sun and everything in a haze. The Jura mountains were invisible and the neighbour’s house shrouded in the mist, but no problem. There are already signs that the sun is pushing through and the red leaves of my Japanese Maple tree are defying the mist.

I was busy in the kitchen yesterday afternoon and had decided to make my very own genuine pizza for the evening meal. Just one for Mr. Swiss and I as No. 1 son prefers his tuna fish pizza. I decided I would make a traditional pizza, one for my taste. I took out my Italian cooking book and found exactly what I wanted. I had the pastry recipe on the pizza flour packet. It was not my first pizza pastry and that was the easiest part. I make the dough and left it to rest. I then began to cook the tomato mixture as the first layer on the pastry.

Now I could take it easy whilst the tomato was cooking. The strange stalk poking out of the mixture is origano which I still have outside in my herb bed. In the meanwhile I took it easy and was doing my usual computer stuff. It was eventually time to prepare the evening meal. I had cooled down the tomato mixture in the meanwhile. The pastry had risen and I formed it into its shape by hand naturally. All pizza experts toss it in the air and work it with their hands. I pulled it into shape and even tried the professional method of spinning it on my two hands. I noticed that was not so easy, but practice will make perfect I am sure. Eventually it was in shape, not quite a perfect circle, but it looked like a pizza ready for its toppings.

I decided on basic toppings, nothing fancy so it was mozzarella cheese, some black olives and a sprinkling of basil and origano and some parmesan. I eventually put it in the oven, although not the recommended 220° C as I find that is a little too hot and reduced it to 200°. After 20 minutes baking it was ready just at the right moment for the evening meal.

And here is the finished product. I forgot to take a photo of the complete pizza but here is the half after cutting the first pieces, with a pizza cutter of course. It was enjoyed by all and I must say I was quite proud myself of the result. I think I managed t genuine self made pizza. Any additional tips are welcome. And there was none left afterwards.

Otherwise I had a peaceful evening, no washing to do. As it was Friday evening the BBC had their usual “Top of the Pops” films and No. 1 son joined me as that is his hobby. He knows all the old songs and singers. Mr. Swiss disappeared off to the bedroom and we spent a musical evening together although I was reading my book at the same time.

I did have a few moments for a tour of the garden world yesterday and discovered this moth on my sedum. It looked quite lifeless, but I gave it a slight poke after the photo and it flew off I do not know what sort of moth it was, but looked quite interesting.

Otherwise I am hoping for a quiet and peaceful day today. I might just pop along the road to the local grocery supermarket for a few bits and pieces. I am thinking of another apple tart on Sunday afternoon, but should get some ready rolled pastry for it. I am sure I will find a few other articles as well.

Have a good week-end everyone and take it easy. Not everyone has to be a bread-baker and pizza constructing machine as I seem to have become. However, we golden oldies have to pass the time somehow and knitting socks and scarves is no longer my thing.

I noticed that my buddleia in the garden has begun to already sprout new leaves for the next season. However, the gardener will be here on Monday, and the bush will probably get a short back and sides when he is here.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning! I was almost the first here! I should have been more diligent! I just happened to be up past midnight. Hey, that pizza looks pretty good! Gee, it has been a while since I had a good pizza.

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    • Sister and I had Pizza last Saturday, with a non-yeast dough. Put tuna and mushrooms on one side and Salami and bell pepper on the other. Covered with readily shredded mozzarella and Bob was our uncle. We loved it so much, we ate the leftover pizza for breakfast on Sunday.

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          • That you have to remark on somebody’s choice of words in an informal setting is a problem. It is informal register, but this is a blog comment section. Even in the Guardian’s comment section you can encounter it quite often. It is thoroughly a you problem.

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          • I still perceive no problem. There is no need to remark on someone’s choice of words. I merely questioned the meaning of an unfamiliar phrase.


          • You should then have followed up my explanation either with a “do you have a source for this” if that explanation was not deep enough. Or with a “thank you, I never heard it before”, if it was enough. The sentence “it just sounds silly” is not exactly nice. It has negative connotations and is an unnecessary judgement of my choice of word.
            You see, I am German, English is not my first language. And I might use unsuitable expressions now and then, I am not flawless. But then it is the kind way to point out a mistake in a factual way.
            I did not make a mistake here, so this “sounds silly” was an unnecessary put-down. If you dislike the expression that is your preference and of course you are entitled to your opinion. Solution: Don’t use it yourself.
            But many commenters on the Guardian (a posh quality paper) would not agree with you on that. It is an expression you would not use in the CEO board room, introducing a business plan, but it is perfectly fine to use it here.
            I could even have agreed to you stating “that is a weird expression”, because when I first heard/read it it stood out and I wondered where it came from.
            Origins are uncertain, according to Wikipedia. First documented usage was in 1924, title of a revue in Dundee.
            The expression was longer, but today it’s only used in the short version.
            Alternatives are:
            Piece of cake
            It’s a doddle/cinch/snap/in the bag
            And for football (soccer to Americans) fans: Back of the net (meaning:result! Or Success! Or Completed!)
            So now if you are so inclined you can vary your expression too 😁

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          • Oh, this is silly.
            Not in a bad way, of course.
            There is no judgement in your choice of words. The idiom is merely silly by my standards. In American culture, that could be perceived as a compliment, since spontaneity, originality and ‘silliness’ are appreciated.


          • While for Brits and Germans it mainly has tha aura of immaturity. And while Brits partly embrace that, Germans have been told so often to take responsibility that we dislike silliness/ childishness

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  2. Good morning… the pictures of your pizza look so enticing … I also had been thinking of making of pizza but to try the cauliflower dough crust thing … trying to cut down on carbohydrates … we will have to see … take care and have a great day. SLP …

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    • I have done pizza before but always had to adapt to the others. This time I made a pizza the way I like it, basic and traditional. And everyone liked it. I should cut down on a lot, especially the carbohydrates with me diabetes, but I am always trying to do a better job.


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