RDP Friday: Lamp

This is just one of the few hundred lamps that decorate the streets of our town, but my interest is more in the lamps that decorate my apartment, one in particular. Regularly in the evening at 9.00 p.m. the lamp in our living room begins to flicker on and off. Sometimes it continues for a full five minutes, other times just for 2-3 minutes. I often wonder if we have a house ghost that wants to make his presence know. It is not to be ignored with the on and off of the light source at quite a quick tempo. What is the explanation? Ghosts aside, (although our appartments are built on the place where the gallows once stood some 100 years ago and skeletons have been found when building the appartments), I suspect that there might be some sort of switching over at the local electricity works. I mentioned to Mr. Swiss that I would call them and ask. He found that was overdoing it with a telephone call. And so in the meanwhile our light continues to flicker at the same time in the evening. I would add it is only one lamp that performs in this way.

Or perhaps it is one of the local storks performing his balancing actions on the local street lighting.

RDP Friday: Lamp

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