Good Morning

And another sunny morning with no rain in sight I am glad to say. Although I will not be going anywhere today, as I had my weekly excursion yesterday, it is always good to know that the weather is with you. Yesterday morning was filled with my cleaning lady and I was also busy in the appartment, but after my lunch time sleep I was off into town.

Town itself was OK, when I actually arrived. Preparations are now being made for our annual autumn fair. I used to enjoy this event, but now it is just one hindrance after the other. Even road works have arrived in town. The fair begins in two days, and now the streets around the area are congested with parked vans and workers moving the exhibits into the halls. We had no fair for two years due to Covid, but now if you are complete with mask you can enter. I am not sure if you also have to show your vaccination badge. I have mine on my iPhone now to show when necessary and so does Mr. Swiss. My No. 1 son, who is autist, had a problem as he no longer knew his apple code. I was quite proud of him when he came home and showed me that he now had the app on his phone. He went to the local computer shop and they fixed it for him. I quite like that shop. There are young enthusiastic computer guys that work there and they really know their job. Naturally my No. 1 son knew some of them and they were a great help. He now has an apple password for his apps and it was easy for me to upload the certificate on his phone via those pictures with the dots you now have. I think they are called QR codes. Anyhow he will no longer have a problem with attending pop concerts or visiting his favourite restaurant.

I eventually found my way to the store after being directed through the road by three police that were organising the fair installations. The sidewalks are now blocked with parked vehicles for the fair, but the town authorities have organised a safe way. It is especially complicated when you are on a scooter amongst the traffic, although luckily the road into town was not busy.

The weather being good there were plenty of visitors in town enjoying the weather and taking a walk I did not have a lot to purchase and actually was only in town to get Mr. Swiss weekly supply of cigarettes.I called in at the store to see if they had any special offers, but I did not actually need anything.

Everyone in the street restaurants was glad to have shelter from the sun under the umbrellas.

I eventually decided to make my way home as it was late afternoon and I had a few chores at home to deal with – the evening food and some computer updating.

I am also a little later this morning, although I have no important meetings or work to do, just the normal routine. I do not even have to bake a bread as we have enough. Have a safe day everyone. Keep your distance from the others and may the Covid die a quick and painful death.

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