RDP Monday: Melancholy

It is a day to be melancholic. There is a large grey-black cloud hovering over my head. There are even raindrops in the air. I have nothing to distract me. The insects have even disappeared, not even a slug slugging its way over the garden. Birds have been scarce for some time, although my online store is telling me I would have a special discount on their food, problem being there is no birdseed to buy. So here I am sitting in the kitchen listening to classical music on my ear pods and hoping that something will break the monotony. My camera is hungry for photos, but there is nothing to take a photo of. I even stumbled amongst the growth of our wild meadow to reach the neighbour’s garden where she has flowers to photograph. Who knows perhaps the cloud might fall from the sky leaving a patch of blue behind.

RDP Monday: Melancholy

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