9 thoughts on “FOTD 20th September: Cosmea

          • When ours go feral, they bloom only in simple pink or white, with single flowers. About half are pink, and about half are white. All the fancier colors sort of fade out after only a few generations. (It works just like nasturtiums reverting to simple orange and yellow.) Fortunately, the simple pink and simple white are delightful colors. I actually prefer the ferals to the fancy varieties. I just try to the fancy varieties because I get samples from the producers, and because I know it is good to try new things. Those that are ‘rose’ colored really are very pretty. (I believe that ‘rose’ is like a richly dark pink, but I am not proficient with color.)

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  1. I absolutely love cosmeas – and I bought several planted pots of them to put in my garden – ALL of them died on me – the largest one, a white one, which came at a ransom’s prize, was first to go – it must have been all that cold, awful rain and wind…. I’ll try again next year!

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  2. Lovely! Cosmos are a lovely flower and plant, with their feathery foliage! I feel pleased to find butterflies leaving eggs in mine, a lovely trade off for slightly less perfect plants.


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