Good Morning

A cloudy morning with some bright spots in the background. Five minutes after taking this photo I heard the sound of rushing water. I looked around and found that we were having a rain shower, and quite a powerful one. After days of sun and warmth at last our garden is getting a welcome gift of water.

I noticed that my apple tree was showing signs of Autumn with yellow leaves appearing. I was thinking about gathering the apples yesterday evening and even got my large basket for them. Mr. Swiss said to wait a week, as they are not quite ready yet. I decided to follow his advice as I really do not have the time for apple harvesting at the moment.

I probably will not get so many bee visitors now as they seem to avoid rain and prefer the warmth of the sun.

At last I got news about my new fridge and freezer combination and it will be installed today after lunch. I am managing OK, being lucky enough to have a second fridge, but will be glad when everything is back to the old routine. I do not have such a good survey of my fridge food when the fridge is in another room.

I was organising some new bed linen and ordered 4 new thick molten cloths for my mattress covering. I was told that they did not have any available, so I got two a week later which was OK. Now I have a message from the delivery company that they can only deliver the remainder end of the month. It seems that deliveries are being delayed due to availability of truck drivers amongst other problems. It is all due to the Kovid pandemic it seems. I read that the Brits were having this problem of deliveries, even in their grocery stores and now it has reached Europe. I do not need them urgently as I still have the original molten cloths, but it is yet another proof that we humans do not have everything under control as we should. Just another Covid surprise. I hope that my online grocery deliveries in Switzerland will not be affected.

In the meanwhile life continues and I will busy baking a bread today and celebrating my new fridge.

I just had my usual morning visitor, Roschti. He got his usual pawful of goodies and afterwards decided to have a paw washing session before leaving. I only just managed to catch him with my camera. He left but returned five minutes later and entered the apartment meowing for more. I told him he did not have to do the Oliver Twist “can I have some more” with me and should go home to the human he owns for more. He has now left. I think the wet weather drove him inside, although he has also adopted my home as well in case of emergency.

And now to depart for other chores with the housewife touch. Have a good day, make the most of it.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. we might be at the end of the sunny spell too. Heavens look grey and are covered – but I guess we should be thankful for the ‘short and sweet summer’ we had. A friend told me that her summer lasted for about ’30’ on a Friday afternoon’…. it does feel way too short! And it WAS SWEET.

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  2. Good Morning!
    (I just happened to wake up in the middle of the night, but will be getting back to sleep for a bit.)
    Apples look great. The rain must be nice. It is still fire season here, and the second biggest fire in the history of California continues to burn.

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  3. Roschti is a handsome boy. I have a ginger cat that likes to come into my garage to eat the food I keep there for the two outdoor cats I take care of. But the female cat has no time for Big Ginger and chases him away. I feel sorry for the poor cat. I looked back at my photos and I’ve been taking his picture for 5 years now. He must have a home nearby, but he does look a little worse for the wear. My 3 indoor cats, plus the 2 outdoor cats is enough, though. Big Ginger will have to find another home where the cats accept him.

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    • Roschti grew up on our estate. At first he belonged to the daughter of a neighbour, but she moved away and the mother never really looked after him. Afterwards she moved and took Röschti with her, but was not far away and he always returned. He was then adopted by another neighbour and now lives with him since at least ten years. He just belongs to our area. His owner works duriing the day and I must say he really looks after him well with food and a nice home. However, Röschti has discovered that there are other humans that have a soft spot for cats and I am one of them, so he calls past at least 2-3 times daily.

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