Good Morning

I have returned after my one day abscence from the computer yesterday. Actually I did not really depart, but Tuesday Morrning is cleaning lady day and I was busy with this and that and decided to avoid the stress before it begun. I still do not have my new fridge and freezer, but the guy intends to bring it tomorrow. I can manage without as I have my smaller fridge that I can use, but it is inconvenient walking back and forth from one room to the other. On the good side, I have now received my new 300 zoom lens to my camera.

Yesterday afternoon I made an hour’s excursion into town.

The bubble making guy had returned and was filling the main street with his results. One of our saints on the jesuit church chose to look the other way as the bubbles drifted past.

The even drifted as far as the market square.

I had a small quest to fulfil in town and made my way to the mobile telephone store. I like going there. They have young guys that do the assisting in the shop and they have time for a joke and a few pleasant words. We golden oldies appreciate that very much. However, back to business. The protecive panzer glass on my mobile phone had more broken edges and cracks that a plain surface and it was time for a new one. Apparently there is now a newer glass cover – a few francs more than the old ones, but a little bigger, so I decided on that one. I also had a renegade sign that had disappeared from the surface of my phone, although it was still lurking in the background. The nice young guy fixed that also for me. It was just a matter of a click on the icon to renew it again, so I learned something new.

It was a lovely warm day and accordingly the roadside cafés had many visitors. The situation seems to be reverting to normal circumstances, although due to the new wave of Covid infections the hospital beds are filling up again. There still seem to be many people that have not been vaccinated. We had enough opportunity and I just cannot understand why people did not have their jabs. Not only would they be protecting themselves but others as well.

I had a few invoices to pay on my online banking system yesterday and yet again they are making new improvements. I have no idea what it might be called in English, but we know it as QR payments. There is a black and white square on the payment slip which is very digital and you can take a photo when paying and there is no longer a need to fill in the details manually. I decided to try it. After time spent on finding the camera I did it – not bad for a golden oldie. It seems that modern developments are a secret weapon developed to trap the grey haired brigade, but I continue undaunted in my digital understanding.

A short few words to the progress of the second degree burns on my right underarm. At last it is become more respectable and although not yet a super sight, the worst is over and I can show the arm in public again. It no longer hurts so much, just a constant itch as it heals.

I had yet another new visitor this morning as I was preparing to take a seat in the kitchen for my breadfast and computer visit. My first reation was a grasshopper, buit I think it was more a katydid. I decided to let him find his own was out. He seems to have lot a leg in his journey.

Today will be a day at home, no shopping in town and just take it easy. In between I will probably bake a bread. I wish everyone a good day with some good weather, and hope to see you around later.

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. oh poor Pat; I don’t like the look of your ‘mended’ arm at all – you must be one tough cookie to speak so ‘casually’ about it – it looks very much like an awful lot of pain!
    Gute Besserung weitershin.

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  2. I did miss you yesterday but remembered it was cleaning lady day and can sometimes be hectic. Oh, that QR thing is pretty amazing, isn’t it? My husband and I got new phones over the summer and I am still having fun seeing what it can do. A lot of bells and whistles, but I just take what I need. The saint and the bubble man….your caption made me laugh. Take care of that arm–whew! you do know how to do it up!

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    • I am not sure if that QR stuff is something good. Another thing to learn at the age of 75. Does it never end. Sometimes there can be too many bells and whistles, but I refuse to let is beat me. It will be interesting when people begin to ask me what happened to my arm.

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      • Oh you are right about that QR–it’s not all good. I read somethings NOT to use it for. But it was pretty common sense stuff–don’t use it from an email someone sends you, something you are not familiar with, etc. I’m thinking about good stories about your arm…road rage from racing down the street on your scooter…something cool like that! 🤣

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    • It’s true if I am not here suddenly it is generally a surprise accident, but yesterday I just did not have the time and I decided to take the day off. Writing does not need a lot of time, it is more the photography, but that has become a hobby.

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    • I generally write something at the breakfast table, but Tuesday is a different routine. Mostly I manage tp write something later, but yesterday I had too much to deal with. I will probably have an interesting scar afterwards.


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