RDP Thursday: Scot Free

When I go to town I pass the front garden of this house. I know an elderly guy lives there – something like my age – and he must have grandchildren as I often see them playing in the garden. He has a wonderful idea of making sure he has no ballast at home. Everything no longer used he puts on the wall outside the garden with a notice that it is all “scot” free and you can help yourself. I have never needed anything but when I pass by on my way home most of the gifts are gone. I find this a good system for reducing unwanted items and I am sure somewhere a child is happy to have a new book.

RDP Thursday: Scot Free

6 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Scot Free

  1. Yes it is. At our rental place though we wd be punished for “littering”. So sad, I often did that at other living places, in Zurich, Bern, France and in Devon too. I improved my English Tks to a tiny b&w TV I picked up at a street in Toronto…. a coat hanger helped us to get a signal….

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    • As it is a country road it is just people walking through iike myself. I find it very good and always have a look to see what he has to offer. If I began to do that the paths would be full of my unwanted items.

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