Good Morning

Not very much happening this morning. We are still having sunny weather, perhaps not summer warmth, but no problem. The sun is shining.

I discovered this snail on my apple tree, but not my best tree. This is the tree I planted from a seed many years ago and this year it has produced a large crop of apples, but nothing special.

I had a visitor yesterday evening. Son No. 2 is almost back to his old routine and now works in the office every second week for a week. He is still doing work at home on the other week, It means that when he is in the office he stays in his apartment in a town not far from us. He brought some good news. Since two years he has been studying and yesterday got the results and passed the examination with flying colours.

I seem to be having a strain of bad luck at the moment and yesterday my fridge and freezer in the kitchen gave up the ghost. I have had it for many years and half expected it to happen, although it is never good when it does happen. I was thinking about getting a new unit a few months ago, but everything was then still functioning so I decided to wait until the day arrived when it went kaput, which is now here. I even got an offer for a new combination so I will give the guy a telephone and order it, hoping that it will not take too long to be delivered. We are perhaps in a privileged situation as I have a second fridge with small freezer in another room the home, generally for storing my MS medicine which are injections and have to be kept at a certain temperature. I have three momths supply at the most, but have now used half so have room for keeping my fridge goods cold. As far as the deep freezer is concerned, I have a large freezer chest in the basement so that is also no problem. It is just a matter of organisation.

It seemed to be rush hour in the bee colony on my sedum yesterday and they were all making the most of the available pollen.

And that is all I have to say this morning. I have to call the fridge guy and also organise baking a bread which is no problem, I have time for that. It is a short message today, but I have to get a start on the day. It is also the day of fresh bed linen as if I did not have enough to do, but I have already dealt with new duvet and cushion covers.

Work is progressing on the new apartment block. They seem to be just digging holes at the moment and have already made to entrance roads for their trucks to remove the earth. The last time they dug so deep here they discovered a couple of skeletons as in the olden days it was the site of the gallows. Who knows what might appear this time.

And now to deaprt and wish everyone of pleasant day. I was just leaving when I had a visitor so here she is waiting for a morning treat.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … sorry to hear about your fridge and freezer … we replaced our hot water heater earlier this year on advice of our plumber who visited the house for a separate issue … but it was 21 years old .. and we remember 21 years ago … the previous hot water heater died, leaked, and flooded the basement. So we don’t want to go down that road again. But these things never happen when it is convenient. Take care and have a great day. SLP

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    • I aleady had a problem with the freezer a few months ago and got an offer from the company, but it was just a warning. Now the whole thing is not working so I just called the guy and ordered. He phoned straight back and said they can deliver and it looks like I will have the new unit at the beginning of next week, so no big problem.It is just a small pain in the money box or course.


  2. Hello JooJoo! That bee photo is pretty fantastic! Good luck with the new freezer/fridge. Always painful when they just give up the ghost like that…a little warning would have been nice! I hope you can get a new one quickly.

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    • I had a warning a few months ago, so I was not surprised when it gave up the ghost. Luckily I have a second fridge and a freezer chest so I can manage until I get the new one some time next week-

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