Good Morning

This was a photo accident. It escaped from my mobile phone as I entered the garden this morning, but why not. It shows our blue sky with a whisper of a cloud ready to disappear almost immediately. I seem to have my head upwards when I take my morning view. Otherwise I decided to hug my bed a little longer this morning. I am not going anywhere or doing anything.

I have a new routine in the morning of measuring my blood sugar before I eat or drink – straight from the bed. I am determined to get this thing under control and it is working. Everything was under control with a blood sugar that could be seen and lived with. After that ritual I took down the washing that had been drying overnight and organised my breakfast. I am now sitting at the kitchen table, naturally with my computer.

I was it town again yesterday afetrnoon for my appointment with the doc. I was now travelling with no coverings on my burnt arm and felt so much better. It is not exactly a pretty picture after the attack of the boiling water and hot stove, but it is more comfortable. The doc had a good look and found it was healing well. It is the complete surface of the lower under arm that was burnt and I will probably have scars afterwards, but that does not bother me. As long as I can live with it – and who does not collect scars throught life. It was good sunny weather, although a little chilly as I travelled on my scooter. My next appointment is end September when she will do a long term sugar test to see how my new regime is progressing with eating carefully and taking my tablets regularly. I might get away with it this time, but have learned my lesson.

The town was looking good with its roadside cafés along our restaurant mile next to the river Aare and I decided to make the most of my journey.

There were even some decorative palm trees on the way and you really had the feeling that you were somewhere in Italy and not in Northern Switzerland. I stopped off at one of the stores to get Mr. Swiss his weekly supply of cigarettes (at the age of 82 he can have his little indulgences) and I also had to get milk. I usually buy a few liters at once to last, but Mr. Swiss did not realise that the store was empty at home. He needs milk for his coffee and I used the reminder in the morning for the spätzli I made to have with lunch. I now have 6 liter on order. I otherwise never drink milk. I do not really like it and I have a digestive problem with it.

The river was looking good and the clouds were completing the picture.

I did not linger too long in town and eventually arrived home to organised my photos and prepare the evening meal.

And now I must go. There will be a bread dough to make this morning and lunch does not cook itself. At least I can now shower normally without wrapping my arm in protective plastic to keep it dry. May you all have a good day, problem free.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great pictures … the town always looks so inviting … like a Vermeer canvas .. although I know it’s not Holland … but I can pretend. take care and have a great day. SLP …

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  2. Good Morning!
    I woke up early, so stopped by. Those palms are nice, and it is nice that they do so well potted. I have one of the same species here that I pulled out of a garden in San Jose when it was quite small. It grew where it was not wanted by seed. I should dig another from a house that will soon be demolished. They are windmill palms, and are remarkably tolerant to cold weather.

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    • We put them in pots as it is easier to preserver them somewhere warmer during the Winter. In the Italian part of Switzerland, Lugano, Locarno etc. they grow wild as their weather is much milder on the other side of the Gotthard pass.

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      • Parts of Italy look like parts of California. Alternatively, parts of California look like part of Italy. At least, that is what it seems like to me. I have never been to Italy.

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  3. Beautiful blue sky in all your photos. So glad your doctor is pleased with how your arm is healing. It’s always good when the doc takes a look and says everything is OK. Have a good day, Pat.

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