Good Morning

As you can see by the sun, this photo is not as early as usual. We have some lovely clouds and a blue sky. It is cleaning lady day, so I have a different routine. She is now busy and I am taking it easy at the computer 1-2 hours later than my usual routine, but no bother. After my trials and tribulations of the past week I have decided to take it easy. I still have an injured hand and arm from my burns but it can only get better. My hand had a blister, but that is now gone and it is healing nicely. An annoyance was the bandage I had on my arm. It had been cared for by the doctor and today I should go again for a new bandage. However in the last few days the bandage I had was no longer doing its job so well. Luckily I had material myself, but the bandage was sticking to the wound and my arm was sore. Today I decided to remove the bandage, let the arm have some fresh air and it is working well. I feel better, more free to move. I even showered without binding my arm in plastic film and everything went well. I will see what the doc says this afternoon. Not only is the physical condition better, but my psychological condition. I can move again normally and do the housework. Of course I am taking care, but this morning I have been born again and the pressure has gone.

I had some visitors yesterday morning. I had not seen any birds in my garden for some time, but there must have been something interesting as they all arrived at once. Even a special bird (perhaps a chaffinch) arrived to complete the picture.

My apple tree also was showing itself from its best side so I will be busy during September getting the harvest in.

And that is all I have to say at the moment. I wish you all a good day, goodness it is already September almost. Time really flies. Enjoy the day and take care. See you on the flip side (although I cannot remember where I put the flip side).

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos as usual. Actually I think it is sometimes a good idea to take off the bandage after a few days and let the skin have some fresh air, as long as you can keep it clean and away from contamination. Have a great day. SLP ..

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  2. You are right, it’s important that the air can get to the skin. I’m sure that your doctor was happy with your decision to get rid of the bandage…. Well, I hope so, anyway!

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  3. It’s a dark gray day here with more rain coming. It was raining this morning when I went out to feed the birds and it hasn’t even looked like daylight yet — and it’s almost four o’clock so I guess we aren’t going to HAVE a day today. Tomorrow we are taking the Duke in for grooming — and of course it’s supposed to be POURING all day. But he needs it and we’ve had so much rain, the odds of making a date when it is NOT raining are small.

    We were also supposed to go to a special party tomorrow night to meet our governor and his Lieutenant Gov, but with so much Delta COVID on the move, I’m too fragile. Even a really bad cold might finish me off at this point. Sometimes, I kind of feel that I’m just clinging to the edge of life and am not really IN it. I’m just so awfully tired all the time.

    I’m tired of being tired.

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    • We are having sunny days and it warms up nicely during the day.. I am sure Duke will feel better after his visit to the airdresser. Party going is definitely not my thing and I prefer to relax at home. Mr. Swiss seems to have given up on helping and I am the only one here organising anything. Since my accident with my arm I realise how precarious life can be .


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