Good Morning

Let us begin the day with the morning clouds over the Jura mountains, seen from my front garden. It is uplifting when you stop hugging the bed and take the first steps outside in the morning world. I would add it is quite a fresh morning and I am sure that the pleasant Summer mornings are now leaving us slowly but surely, However we can always hope for an Indian Summer with pleasant temperatures and sun during September.

Son No . 2 and family left yesterday, after a journey up the loacal Weissenstein mountain and a visit to the now abandoned Cellulose paper factory in nearby Attisholz. It has now been left and the areal with the old buildings transformed into a gathering point with various restaurants and decorative graffitti on the buildings.

Here is a view from above. My son made a few photos which he sent to me and they seem to automatically enter my Flickr and Google photo app. It seems to be becoming quite popular here for an excursion and I hope to go there myself on the next visit of my son.

I had a feline visitor this morning, but after picking up his treats he decided to leave.

I am sure there will be many visits during the day.

Thge bees are still arriving on their pollen hunts, and are now enjoying the sedum flowers.

Otherwise it was a normal Sunday yesterday. I had a few extra chores, such as ironing the bed linen, the duvet cover and cushion cover and I also composed my online shopping list for Tuesday delivery. I had a small drama yesterday, although it was to be expected. My 300x lens on my Nikon eventually gave up, I dropped it a few years ago and now the focus no longer works. I mainly take photos with my iPhone camera today, but am now thinking about getting a new 300x lens as I will need it for my bird closeups and other photos. In the meanwhile I can use my 200x lens but naturally not so good for closeups. Life always has these negative surprises: a lens cost more than the original camera.

And I am now on my way. I want to bake a bread and after the week-end do some organising at home. A housewife’s work is never done. Have a good week, take care and see you around later.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    That cellulose paper factory in Attisholz looks . . . weird, like one of those gathering spots out in the deserts. Is it in the process of being redeveloped into . . . something? Is it like a dynamic art exhibit, in which the graffiti is always changing? It looks weirdly compelling. It is obviously popular.

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    • It was a factory with workers and a big one until a few years ago. It was more or less abandoned and it occupies a large space. At the moment various small companies are doing something there, otherwise it is a general meeting place with restaurants. Eventually something might be organised with it, but at the moment it is attractive for all and it is on the banks of the river with a bridge to the other side. I think the gradditti is just done by anyone that wants to do it.

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  2. Your photos brightened my day. Lovely shot of the mountains. I hope they don’t mess with that “gathering place” as it has a good vibe look to it. If authorities see that kind of thing spring up around here — without anybody paying fees or getting permits — they will shut it down in a hurry. I love the one with the bee on the sedum. I would love to have a painting or a poster of that one.


    • It seems that the authorities gave their blessing as you cannot do anything like that without a permit. We are overwhelmed with bees in the garden. I take a shot of the mountains every morning and have quite a collection from the various seasons

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    • It has cooled down here, now about 20-22 degrees C, but that’s Ok. We had a patch of rain on Sunday but that was all. I think Autumn is around the corner


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