Good Morning

It is not as cloudy as it seems. The clouds are now receding and it will probably be a sunny day. My No. 2 son will be pleased. He decided today to make an excursion with his family to his old hunting grounds in our Kanton of Solothurn. He will drop in for a coffee and afterwards wants to make a tour of the local countryside including a visit to the Weissenstein, our house mountain, which is situated in the range of mountains you can see in the background of the photo. His wife does not know the area very well so it will be a nice excursion for them all, also the kids.

I noticed the building is progressing on our village after only two days and they have now made two mounds of earth and a road in between probably for the trucks that will be circulating with building materials.

I was again in town yesterday afternoon visiting my doc. She rebound my arm with fresh material. Of course it is still sore, but bearable. The burn on my hand is improving and I no longer need a plaster on it. In the meanwhile I have been working on my diabetes. I must admit I had neglected the problem myself and have discovered that a more serious approach should be made. My sugar levels were rocketing and I had a terrible thirst. Even after a couple of days I am now back to a normal level and the thirst is disappearing, although the doc wants to look closer at the problem and perhaps put me on other tablets to see if that would work better. I have been taking the same tablets since thirty years and progress has been made in the meanwhile. If I can continued to keep it under control I might be able to avoid insulin injections. My next appointment is next Tuesday for again a new bandage on my arm.

I decided to take it easy yesterday and enjoy my trip into town after seeing the doc, so I drifted off into town afterwards. I wanted to get some cash from the bank machine and look in at the store. It was just good to scooter around in town. I even managed the slopes on the old cobblestoned paths quite well. It is a lovely old town and good to see people on the streets. The ice cream parlour was again attracting most people – on the left with the sign Gelateria.

There was also an attraction of this guy with his bubbles which the kids loved.

It is good when the town begins to live again in summer after people tended to disappear during the Covid problems. We still have the problem, but have to learn to cope with it.

There was also the usual musical entertainment, although this was rather special. He was not too bad, but perhaps a little monotonous with his strange stringed instrument.

In the meanwhile I called Mr. Swiss at home as I was a little longer away than usual and he likes to be reassured that I am OK.

Eventually I arrived home and had a relaxing evening with the TV and uploading my photos.

And now for the daily chores. No, 2 son will be arriving and I want to have everything done. He still has his apartment in the next town of Biel and the family are staying there at the moment as it is not so far away from us. Enjoy the day everyone, may it be a good week-end.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • The next time you come let me know. I cannot promise anything as I never know how my mobility problems are, but I am sure a little wheelie throught the town would be possible, or a visit to Feldbrunnen.

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  1. The bubble guy looks like fun! I’d have been excited to see him, too.
    I thought of you yesterday when I was reading the news online. They had photos of cows being airlifted from one Switzerland town to another. I don’t recall the reason, but was there anything about it in your local news?

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    • The bubble guy was just in the right place when I was leaving the town. I did now know about the cowe, so I had a look. It is true. Some of the cows had injured themselves during their stay on the alps in summer so they decided to bring them back to the valley for treatment and it was done by air lift. there were some photos in Internet. Cows are an expensive commodity so the farmers look after them.

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