Good Morning

Nothing impressive this morning, just a plain grey sky with the outlines of a few clouds. Yesterday was sunny but a light cool wind was blowing. I said to Mr. Swiss this morning that it is getting a little autumnal. The leaves are not yet dropping or turning their colours, but they are thinking about it.

The doc has her practice in another part of town, not in our baroque centre, but over the river. It is quite handy to reach and park my scooter under the arches, so no great problem if it rains. As I parked the scooter and began to remove my walker when a young lady came out of the store where I parked and asked if she could help. I said no problem if it does not bother her that I leave my scooter outside. She then immediately said no problem, and she would even keep an eye on it for me. The doctor’s nurse had already arrived and opened the side door for me that I could reach the lift and not have to climb the steps. It’s great to have such helpful people. The doc put fresh bandage on my arm and found the healing was going well after my meeting with boiling water and a hot plate on the stove. Whilst she got new wrappings I took a photo with my mobile camera of the arm finding her idea of looking good was not exactly mine, but it is just a little sore and itches a little. My blister on the hand ball has now burst but she gave me an ointment and plaster. Actually she gave me a supply of plasters and bandage for a few days. I have a follow up appointment on Friday afternoon. She also wants to go into details about my diabetes, which is not improving and I see the usage of insulin injections looming, but that does not bother me. The pens are easier to handle than the mix injections for my MS. I notice that my diabetes is getting a little out of conrol due to my thirst which has developed lately.

I naturally took a few photos whilst in town. The river was looking good with the sun highlighting its water. It is an old town but has been preserved through constant repairs to the buildings. I crossed the bridge you can see in the photo in my scooter. The traffic has stopped on this bridge and only busses are allowed which made things easier for me to travel across it after leaving the doc.

The large building on the left used to be a bank. Our old town is riddled with narrow alleys as the one on the right.

The town might look a little empty, but most of the people prefer to have a drink at our restaurant mile along the River Aare. There is one restaurant after the other and always room to sit.

I wheeled on to the quieter part along the river with more restaurants. I was not in a hurry and had to shopping to do. I popped into the store before visiting the doc so had a nice leisurely journey home.

It was a pleasant break to the usual routine, even visiting the doc was no great problem. And now I will continue with my normal daily routine. I have no special chores today and will take it easy. I feel a lot better after seeing the doc and knowing that my injuries are progressing normally.

Have a good day everyone, take it easy and no stress – although easier said than done.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos as usual. The one with the waters of the river .. sparkling in the sun . .is so uplifting. Take care …. get plenty of rest so that the healing process will move right along for you. Have a great day … SLP …

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    • I quite enjoyed my little journey into town as it was a different part to what I usually visit. I now had an extra problem sorting out my various bandages on my arm and hand and making sure the various covering do not get wet when doing the housework.


  2. A lovely day! It is pollutants in the sky that give us the most beautiful mornings and evenings, so a clear sky, ironically, is a sign that all is well!

    I found the hardest thing to accept, once I became disabled, was offers of help. Finally, I realized it wasn’t my place to deny people a chance to do good, that we both benefited from these moments of grace. They get to feel good about themselves for offering help, and I am spared physical difficulty getting from point A to point B or whatever their offer spares me.

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    • I am glad to get some help. I can manage OK with my disabled life, but sometimes little things occur, like my scooter having something in its path or an obstruction on my way, that I really need help. New routes can also be confusing and an uneven surface.


  3. I love the shots along the River, Pat. This diabetes educator has to say a few words about starting insulin, if it’s in the future. As I’m sure you are very well aware, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your glucose level. Since you are already unsteady, low blood sugar due to more insulin in your system than the food that you’ve consumed requires will cause you to feel weak, shaky and unsteady. We don’t want any more falls!

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    • My problem with sugar is also my fault to an extent. I always checked my level but when MS arrived it was just too much and I was no longer controlling as I should. Sometimes I even forgot a tablet. Some years ago they also discovered that my younger son had developped diabetes, and he was using insuline. He had it so well under control that he could stop injecting and for the past few years only takes tablets. I am now 75 years old and it is clear it will not get any better. I should really now keep a better eye on my sugar levels. The doc did a long term test on my sugar levels and they were up, which had not happened in the past 10 years. I have had the weak feeling, but more because of hypoglycaemia (just looked that one up in the online english dictionary as I only knew the German word). After my visit to the doc on Friday I will really have to begin to get to grips with the whole problem. Having two problems MS and diabetes) is just a little too much.


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