Good Morning

This morning I was busy with the cleaning lady and various other tasks, but I seem to be getting somewhere. Our local street is now full of unwanted objects as we have the so-called bulky goods collection. I have a few articles that are no longer needed and son No. 1 helped me to put them on the street. I had an office chair , but it is no longer on its own. There are also a few other office chairs for the collection. It is really astonishing the objects we collect through life and realise one day, that it is just ballast, not important. I cleared out hiking shoes yesterday. They are really good quality and took us through many kilometers in the mountains as a family on our hiking holidays. Now my son has his own family and has no need for the shoes we have. Progress has been made in the design of such shoes and modern materials have taken over.

And at last I know who this cat owns in my neighbourhood. I meet the lady who shares her apartment with her this morning. She also has two children and told me that her feline tends to live a very independent life. The cat’s name is joojoo and is about 4-5 years old. She was even once a mother, but afterwards decided that family life was not her idea of perfection and adopted a human for a comfortable life. She calls past daily for an extra food tit bit. I am glad that she is no longer just the neighbour’s cat but has a name.

Otherwise not a lot happening today. I had a problem yesterday with my oven. Somehow I managed to install the child barrier on the instruments, meaning that although I had power on the oven it would not bake. I studied the operation manual and found no instructions how to unlock it. I phoned the company and the young lady on the phone also had no idea how to do it. I then phoned the guy where I bought it and he also did not know. He said he would send one of his men the next day to solve the problem. As I had a bread dough ready to bake I decided to continue to experiment on my own and after an hour of pressing this and that on the steering it suddenly disappeared and everything was working again. The lesson to be learned was do not fiddle with electronics and do not trust either the manufacturers or salesmen. I baked my bread but in the meanwhile had defrosted one to be sure. I now have enough bread for today. This is the reason why I was absent from the computer yesterday afternoon.

And that is all I have to say for the moment. I will visit the doc today for a fresh dressing on my burnt arm. The blister on my hand has now burst, so I will have that treated as well. Otherwise nothing new on the Swiss front. I will now deapart to my cooking chores and wish you all a successfiul day, at least more suiccessful than mine was yesterday.

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  1. Good Morning!
    A few towns around here have an annual day for putting out large volumes of trash. I can not imagine how the towns can afford to collect it all! It is actual genuine trash, rather than items to be recycled. People take the opportunity to empty their garages of all sorts of junk. However, these same people scurry about the neighborhood collecting more junk from their neighbor’s piles of junk, and put it back into the freshly emptied space in their garages. They all do it collectively, so it is more like redistribution than removal. Perhaps that is how the towns can afford to do it.

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