RDP Wednesday: Railway

Schaffhausen in Switzerland, where the Rheinfall flows, is the most fascinating place for the railway. I took this photo from the train as I was entering Schaffhausen. The falls are actually in Neuhausen, but you have to travel high over the falls before reaching Schaffhausen, a bit of a detour but you are rewarded with a breathtaking view. If you actually visit the falls you can see the railway from below.

I am lucky that my son lives in a small village near Schaffhausen so if we visit we often pay a visit to the Rheinfall.

You cannot see the railway on the photo as it is hidden behind the trees in front of the buildings. If you ever happen to be in Switzerland they are worth a visit. The railway journey is a bonus. On the right you can see the window of a restaurant. We ate dinner there with my son and his wife and had a spectacular view of the Falls.

RDP Wednesday: Railway

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