Good Morning

Well that was a busy first hour of the morning. I think I should now go back to bed after all the work. First of all I made a bread dough that I can bake a bread already this morning and have a free afternoon. Then I had laundry that dried overnight that I had to deal with. When the cleaning lady is here she uses suitable rags for cleaning (usually our discarded underwear) and I wash them for the next time. I also had the complete bathroom towels and a few other items. At last I can now sit down at the kitchen table with my computer and get down to the morning blog which is a nice relaxation. I think I heard 5 minutes of rain during the night, but no problem. The local farmers (plural) seem to have had a conference and decided together to spread the manure on the fields. Our village is engulfed in a cloud of cow dung scent since yesterday and when you sleep with open windows, it can get quite overpowering, but at least it is natural.

I escaped into town yesterday for a visit to the store. I noticed that life is slowly returning after the days of self isolation but it seems we are still not safe. We had the highest amount of Covid infected yesterday in Switzerland since the begin of the pandemic. It is due to the unvaccinated and the new delta version of the virus. It is a more contagious version. However it seems if you are vaccinated you have a good form of protection.

I see a lot more dogs in town now which I find quite good. There are all sorts of sizes and shapes and I found this one a special version of dog.

After getting my cooking wine and Mr. Swiss cigarettes in the one supermarket I moved onto the next store which is the one with no alcohol or cigarettes but has quite a good butchers section where I can buy over the counter and choose the meat I want and how much. Prepacked meat is more luck then judgement if you get the amount you want. Sometimes I go shopping and meet no-one and just do my own solo tour. Yesterday I met a friend of Mr. Swiss, one of the ex musicians in town that Mr. Swiss knew from his drum playing days. Afterwards I met a good friend that I had not seen for some time. She is about my age, so we caught up on our health problems. She is also a warrior like myself, fighting against our Golden oldie problems. I really enjoyed yesteday’s excursion.

My first store visit was the one on the left of the photo, the co-op, and the second is the one at the bottom of the walkway. you can see the orange letters at the entrance in the distance. the scaffolding has now bee removed from the supermarket at the end of the street and I am glad. It is now easier to park my scooter and has a lot more parking space. Our local town is a bicycle town for many as you can see from the parked bikes.

The usual musicians were in town. It seems to me they are getting younger. These were spanish speaking judging from the gypsy similar music, but not too bad. She had a very strong loud voice – sometimes a little too loud.

I was a little longer in town this time, but it suited me. It is good to get out amongst the people. Sometimes sitting at home all day can get a little boring. However, today I will be at home as I have a few chores to organise. I am still clearing out the ballast I have gathered through life and every day I discover something more.

I took the “green” path into town town which surrounds the core of our town. It goes through the park around the museum and much quieter with almost no traffic.

I decided eventually it was time to go home. I had the evening food to prepare, although no rush. As I left town I said good bye to our cathedral, which is a very impressive building, squeezed into the end of our main street. At the moment they are repairing one of the towers.

Have a good day everyone and may the weather be without problems. I leave you with some of the local town pigeons, always on the search for food.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos .. brings back a lotta memories … when we visited Zurich about 5 years ago … we shopped a lot at the COOP across from the main train station … and ended up getting a lotta Swiss chocolate from there to bring back as gifts for family and friends … every once in a while I stumble across one of the COOP plastic shopping bags that they packed it all in … we loved that trip … take care and have a great day. SLP …

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    • I get the goods in Co-Op that I cannot get in Migros. They have reduced the supermarkets a lot. You might find a butchers counter to buy fresh meat, otherwise everything is packed for self service.


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