Good Morning

A few clouds up in the sky, but no problem. Today will be another hot day with a progression of our heat wave weather, but according to he weather experts, it will all be gone next week and we will be back to the normal 20° C days. I must say it is really getting a little hot for me at the moment with 32°C. Yesterday I was on a quest for ice cream but only went to the nearest supermarket along the road. I decided it would be wiser getting the ice creams home for my freezer before they became liquids.I was successful and they are still nicely frozen in my freezer.

I had my usual morning visitor for his second breakfast of treats. Naturally I could not resist the pleading eyes. A few minutes later he returned for more. When he noticed that there was no second helpings he underlined his need with a loud meow, but I remained firm. He disappeared into the garden and probably visits another neighbour to see if there is anything there.

The morning slug also arrived, but he/she was on the way home after a night in the leaves. I think this one actually lives in the bricks surrounding my raised bed.

As said, I visited the store yesterday, but also for another reason. I got my usual online delivery from the supermarket, but two special offers were not delivered, just the normal priced goods and a more expensive quality as apparently the advertised offers were no longer available. The goods come from the largest local supermarket, so I visited a much smaller branch of the store near where I live and yes, they had more than enough of the special offers. I had already complained to the store on their web site and had now received an answer asking more details. I gave them their information (all in German and my written german is not perfect). However I got an answer, quite apologetic that they will be making further investigations. I can be quite annoying where money is concerned and it was a price difference, for me, of more than ten Swiss francs.

The way to the local store is along the main road. There seemed to be quite a lot of traffic but I motor along in ny schooter on the sidewalk. I have to cross the main road where the traffic lights are, but no problem. I just press the button and eventually they change to red. After crossing the road I scooter a little further and eventually turn left after the large building to the supermarket.

Ii is quite a useful store and never has a lot of people as it it more for the locals. There was another guy with his scooter there I noticed. We often meet and greet when we see each other.

The way home had a little less traffic and I managed to complete the whole excursion in just over half an hour.

On the way I travel on a path at the side of the local railway tracks and pass this meadow which had been freshly cut. The used to have horses grazing there, but I have not seen them for some time.

And now to move on to today’s adventures, although there will not be many. I am at home today. Tomorrow No. 2 son and his family will be here for the day. I have not seen them for some time, just online with face time etc. They were also on holiday.

Hope you all have a good week-end – stay safe.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning …. Great photos. Look like another lovely day in your part of Switzerland. Today we are taking some of our plants to the county fair to see how they compete. We have some coleus in patio pots, and also some figs. It has been two years now since our county fair .. one more sign that things are returning to some sort of normal. Thanks to the lord for helping with this. Have a great day. SLP …

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    • I love coleus and have meaning to plant some for some time. Next year I will definitely sow some seeds. Good luck at your fair, what a wonderful occasion, at last something completely different.


  2. All our “special coupons” come online for the past couple of years. They all have expiration dates — and they are not all the same dates, even when the coupons come in one email. I never know what is going to get deducted or not. THIS time, they didn’t deduct any of the coupons except for our collected “senior discount” (they come due at the end of each month and show up on your receipt with the next purchase). But when I got home and looked at the bank account, it was five dollars less than the receipt so I guess they retroactively (?) applied the discounts? Seemed a bit odd.

    And they still don’t deliver.

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