Good Morning

I love those morning clouds that get together and take a journey over the landscapes until eventually we are left with cloudless blue skies. Another Summer day has arrived in our area and I am so glad. After weeks of rain, storms and grey skies Summer has at last arrived. Probably I will be complaining in a week about the heat, but that’s life. Otherwise I enjoyed the weather yesterday at home and had no inclination to go anywhere. I spent my time making the daily bread, a little bit of computer (perhaps a bit more than a little) an organising my online shopping for Friday delivery. I am then sure of a delivery slot on Friday, although I rarely have difficulty. Since the pandemic panic has subsided there are always chances for a prompt delivery. I just have to be careful that I do not forget anything. This Sunday No. 2 son with his tribe will be visiting but I have everything organised.

Meanwhile the butterflies have began to pay their visits: not so many at the moment and mainly just the tortoiseshell type. I just wish they would unfold their wings for a good photo. I have to keep my eye on the front garden where they like to arrive due to the butterfly bush (buddleia). That acts as a magnet to them.

I saw this strange bug sitting on a leaf. I was not sure if he was just relaxing or had a mobility problem. I have no idea what it was, but he did not seem to be doing any harm.

At last I managed to capture the flight of the bee as it was approaching the dinner table.

They were also busy on my sweet pea.

Otherwise nothing special happening. Today I will also be at home, baking a bread (the dough is already rising) and probably again tidying more in my basement room.

I was just preparing to close down the computer and move onto the morning chores when I had a visitor. I naturally had to take a portrait of him, although I think he was waiting for some treats rather than an additional photo in his album.

May it be a good day, if not then make the best of it. I also have those days – who doesn’t?

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You are baking bread and I am learning to make dumplings. I’m not a good roller of dough. Actually, I’m AWFUL. But since I love dumplings, I’m determined to somehow make this work. Or at least, really try very hard.

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    • My mum always put dumplings in the stew, but not so elaborately made. I am not sure what the modern version of dumplings look like. She just formed them into balls and cooked them with the meat


  2. Good morning … I am a day late because the severe thunderstorms left us without power yesterday .. but I did want to visit your post for yesterday and see your photos of life in your world. Hope you had a great day. SLP …

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