Good Morning

This is really a quickie this morning. The cleaning lady has been and gone, but she helped me a lot by clearing out some cupboards in my basement room. Now I know what I have in the style of electronic goods to dispose of when our colleague comes to take them to the depot. I am so glad, but it took time, so I should cut this short.

Roschti, the neighbour’s cat also paid a visit and explored the kitchen, but I think it was just out of curiosity.

I even managed to clean up a few windows this morning and dinner is also cooking.

Yesterday I managed to capture an interesting plane that was on a fly past and otherwise it was a day at home.

I must now go as it will soon be lunch time and am leaving you with yesterday’s sunset. Have a good day everyone, I will be off in town this afternoon – a woman’s work is never done it seems.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I found a wonderful place called Savers yesterday. They take old electronics and anything else one no longer needs. I dropped off quite a few things that had been cluttering the garage and it felt so good!

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