9 thoughts on “FOTD 9th August 2021: Sweet Pea

  1. Deadheading must be a lot of work! They bloom so profusely. Ours die back earlier where they do not get water. They were blooming when we were evacuated last August, but totally roasted when we returned, which is why I could not find the white ones that I wanted. I marked them this year, so that I could find them as they died back. Instead of waiting for winter though, I went and dug them as soon as they died back, and canned them. I was concerned that the flags would be removed as the area got weed whacked. Once canned, they started to grow again! I hope that they grow enough to recharge their perennial root system before dying back for a second time in autumn. I dug two, but got four, as one split into three parts.

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