RDP Saturday: Inspired Carpet

This carpet must have inspired Mr. Swiss as he uses it for parking his drums on it. He was a jazz drummer for many years as a hobby, but the golden oldie years have now taken their toll on his back. He still manages to sit in now and again on a session, but perhaps when you reach the age of 82 you prefer to listen and go with the rhythm more than actually going into action. He still has two sets of drums and they are parked in our basement hobby room, so now and again if he is tempted he will still beat to the rhythm. Why the carpet? If you hammer away on the the floor the drums might begin to slip away.

RDP Saturday: Inspired Carpet

11 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Inspired Carpet

    • I can play them with the brushes. Mr. Swiss showed me how to do it. Otherwise I did not have any interest. I find them an inconvenient instrument to move around


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