RDP Thursday: Marathon

The day began almost normal although no, today was not normal. I had to strip both beds, it was the day of fresh linen. I did the necessary and stumbled into the kitchen for breakfast. No, no breakfast, first of all I had to make a dough for the daily bread. Admittedly I did not have to make my own bread, but it is a routine about three times a week.

I got the kitchen aid machine ready, put in the flour and salt, poured on the yeast dissolved in warm water, put in a spoonfull of honey (because I was making a dark bread) and turned on the machine. After a couple of minutes the dough was ready to be worked on. I put it on the work surface and did some kneading, although my kitchen aid machine does the work perfectly. I put the dough in a large bowl, covered it with a cloth and left it in my little room where I have the cleaning appliances to rise for an hour or two. I was good in the time, but now the next step.

I cleaned through the apartment. In the meanwhile the bread dough had risen to twice the size. I beat it about a little and formed it for the baking mould. I left it for another half an hour to rise. It was now time to begin to cook lunch.

Today it was spaghetti with a tomato and mincemeat sauce. I also had to prepare a salad. I found I had a remainder of chircory in the fridge which was ideal for the salad. It was all cooking and suddenly my timer told me that the bread would now be ready for baking. In the meanwhile I had switched on the oven, so everything was ready. I took the prepared bread, made a slit in the middle, put the lid of the baking form and placed it in the oven. My bread was baking and my dinner was cooking. Now I proceeded to the bedroom and made the beds up with the fresh linen. I had to vaccuum beneath the beds and dust down the bed frames. I put the fitted sheets on both mattresses and eventurally it was done. I now left the completed mattresses with with bottom sheet and now it was Mr. Swiss time to finish the job. I had already recovered the duvet and head cushions. He put them on the beds and finished the job by placing the bed cover. That was a half hour job (perhaps a little more) whilst dinner was cooking.

My timer now told me that I could remove the cover from the bread form and finish the baking for another 15 minutes. The bread was finally finished and I placed it on the counter to cool down. In the meanwhile I served dinner to Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son

The bread was perfect and I was pleased with the result.

The whole marathon began at 7.30 am and was finished at midday when I enjoyed my meal. I wonder if I would qualify for a gold medal at the housewife olympics.

RDP Thursday: Marathon

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