Good Morning

I eventually prepared breakfast and set up the computer, but not without an early morning stress. Today is one of those days where I should have octopus arms to cope, but I did it. The first chore was to strip my bed as today is fresh linen day. Then I arrived in the kitchen knowing that I should actually bake the day’s bread. No problem, I made the dough and put it to rise in 10 minutes – practice makes perfect. And then photos, I had nothing knew so explored the garden for a few insects – they were resting after their nocturnal activities. Although everything is damp from the constant rain we have had, not even that drew out the slugs and snails.All I have to show is my breakfast table.

I invested in a new plant on my last visit to the store. I just love kalanchoe. They are so simple to care for: hardly need any water and flower constantly for a while. Afterwards they grow further and are almost indestructible. They are also quite reasonable in price. It is now sitting on my breakfast table.

I also have this sedum outside on the porch sitting in a vase filled with water. This was an accident. I was cutting down my tansy as they had grown qujite tall and was surrounding my sedum which was now thinking about flowering, so it was the tansy or the sedum. Unfortunately in my busy actions I mistankenly cut this sedum. I immediately placed it in a vase of water: another plant that likes to make new roots so nothing is lost.

I have quite a busy day today. After making the beds anew I will bake my bread in between and have a spaghetti dinner to cook. The afternoon is looking better after my midday sleep. I was not sure if I would have the time to make a morning greeting, but I have managed that as well. I only wish the weather would brighten up a little. And now I must really move on to continue with the daily tasks. Have a good one everyone and do not stress too much (like me).

I nearly forgot my little bird. He arrived on the porch yesterday afternoon and began to forage around as if searching for food.

The interesting part was how he kept putting his head beneath the garden cupboard door – probably hoping to discover something. Unfortunately I have no bird seed. Our shops sell none during the summer months as they find the birds have enough to eat outside. This little bird decided to persevere. I think it is the first bird I have seen so close since a few months.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning …, wonderful photos .. we also have the sedum suddenly growing everywhere … dunno why that is happening all of a sudden. Have a great day … good luck with all your chores .. SLP …

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