RDP Saturday: Tumble

Now that smells good, Very enticing to my tast buds. I will definitely be floating when I fly after a sample. The humans really have good ideas when they prepare something fineto eat or drink. I can almost feel the pull of a different dimension, I think I will take a sip, just slowly lower myself over the edge – after all what could possibly go wrong. One leg after the other as our queen said. although she lays around all the time laying eggs. It is quite a steep slope, but we wasps achieve it all, although ….. Help, I am tumbling and now drowning, but what a lovely death, sweet and sticky although I cannot breath, and all my eyes are stickiing together, but this brown substance is really a wonderful brew, is this what getting high means?

My mum told my family that you should never give up and I have been saved. Something emptied the wonderful liquid onto the garden outside with a scream “There is a wasp in my cola”. Who cares I am saved, but it was a wonderful feeling when I sipped the liquid. It was worth the risk. And now to fly further, I can hear humans and I am sure they are eating something that I could share with them – although more screams and demonstrations, but that is human I suppose. They can never stay calm and always have to get excited.

RDP Saturday: Tumble

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