RDP Friday: Over

Well now it is over, the storm I mean. As I went to the store there was a wonderful view of the Jura mountains from the path and nice gentle clouds – a blue sky. I arrived at the store and something happened whilst I was doing my shopping. As I left the store it was like entering a different world. The good weather seemed to be over and did I hear a clap of thunder in the not too far distance? Of course. As I saddled my scooter for the home run I even felt a few drops of rain – would I reach home before the deluge? I gave it all I could, although more than 11 kilometres an hour is not possible.

The rain behaved itself and when I finally got home it released its power from the clouds, but my scooter and I were then safe.

I had one of those lucky escapes – and now?

That’s life I suppose. I am now safe at home, but it is not finished yet. Some sunny moments, some thunder and some rain.

RDP Friday: Over

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