RDP Tuesday: Bronchiole

There was a time (now it is a couple of years) when I drove a car. And then I had a small disagreement with another car, actually to be quite honest I drove over a red light. To cut a long story short (and I really want to cut this one short) both our cars survived but there was a meeting with the police to clarify details. Luckily no one was injured (just my pride) and I had to submit myself to a breathalyser test. It did not surprise me, but the police lady quite admired my result of 0,000000 %. I sneaked the photo whilst everyone was waiting for something to happen.

The result of the whole problem was that it was entirely my fault (of course). The police were very helpful and even drove me to my garage afterwards to enable me to pick up a suibstitute car. My car was repaired. However I got rid of it. Eventually I would have had to give up my driving licence for a few months and have to see a doctor. I avoided all this and returned my driving licence to the authorities. Even if you do not have any bronchiole problems, it is better to think ahead. I am quite happy without a car. It is much cheaper and I manage very well with my new carless life.

RDP Tuesday: Bronchiole

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