Good Morning

After all the rain and the humidity we were bound to have a misty damp morning and that arrived this morning. Although the sun is now brightening things up, it was quite dull up to now. As it is Tuesday my cleaning lady is here for a few hours bringing my kitchen, shower and bathroom up to scratch. My son is also here now for the next two weeks, but is still sleeping.

To compemsate for the dull morning, we did have an interesting sunset yesterday evening.

On a walk through the garden with my camera I also discovered this guy/dame yesterday evening, probably training for the luxuries of the night. I always seem to meet it in the evening in the same area. I think it quite likes us and is becoming a pet. Luckily I do not have to feed him/her, it just absorbs everything that is in the way.

I met a cousin this morning on the way sliming up the wall to my raised bed. This one had the decency to wear a cover on his way.

Yesterday evening seemed to be quite interesting for some insect portraits. There were some colourful flies lounging on my Tansy. It seems to be a plant with a talent for insects.

I was glad to be able to capture a nice close-up of a bee on the tansy. At last I had a portrait with a few details. He really looks like something from a horror film.

And now I should move on. I am expecting a delivery from my store this morning. I am also thinking about making my weekly trip to town this afternoon as the weather should be rainless today. Tomorrow is more storm and wet, not so good for travelling by scooter. I should also get on with some cooking. Relax everyone, take it easy and take care. We have so many universal threats with climate change and Covid, life is one big risk at the moment. I have even managed a Good Morning greeting this morning.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    Pollinator gardens are quite the rage at the moment. People enjoy flowers that attract insects, and many believe that insects actually need more sustenance than they can find in the wild and in agricultural commodities.

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  2. Good morning … I missed this post yesterday … when I checked you had not put anything up yet … this was yesterday … but the photos are wonderful and they are worth the wait !!! Hope you had a great day … !!! SLP …


    • Yesterday was cleaning lady day and I was a bit later than usual. I also had a problem with my photos on the computer but weeds don’t die, they just spread and I returned eventually


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