8 thoughts on “FOTD 26th July 2021: Sweet Pea

  1. Hey, I just dug and canned some yesterday. They are already dormant here, but may regenerate for a few months prior to frost now that they are canned and irrigated. I flagged them for canning earlier because they bloom white. There were two, but one split into three, so now there are four. I have no idea of where to plant them, but I can figure that out later.

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      • Yes, there are sometimes some nonconformists. Ours are likely just like yours. They are almost exclusively bright pink, with a few that are pale pink and a few that are white. On rare occasion, I see frilly double flowers, including very rare double pale pink and double white. However, I still prefer the single white. There is a red variety available, but I do not think that it is as pretty as the common bright pink or white. Besides, I will not purchase seed for something that I should not be planting here anyway. If I lived in town, where perennial pea does not interfere with the ecosystem, I would be more likely to try the red sort.

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