RDP Friday: Rain

A photo from my motorised days taken whilst I was waiting at the traffic light. This is the type of weather we had a week ago every day and it only stopped for a pause in between, We had a few floods in Switzerland, luckily not where I lived. Lucerne was threatened and our local river was carrying high water leading to the local lake of Biel rising over the banks. After a week of sunshine everything is slowly going back to normal, although there will be storms over the next week-end. Generally it is the cellars that are flooded. I have noticed, since no longer being mobile, that rain affects me more. It means I can go nowhere without getting soaked.

RDP Friday: Rain

2 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Rain

  1. Rain seems to be everywhere at present, except the parts of the USA that are on fire and need it. We’ve had rain every day this week and nearly every day the week before. The most wet days in a row since I have been living here I think.

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