RDP Wednesday: Coalesce

Today was a day of ensuring that there was no coalescence anywhere. Since this morning there were strange noises outside and when I scootered off to town I saw the source of the noise, but was none the wiser. When I arrived home the noise continued and there were men dressed in their prominent orange clothing walking around meaning they were working on an important communal job. Of course I got curious and asked one of the guys what was happening. He told me it was the day of drain cleaning, the drans were being flushed through. Apparently this is something that has to be done to ensure that no-one has disposed of a dead body in the drains, or mice or rats have made their home there.

This was an opportunity for photographs of course, although the guy did give me a strange look as I was walking around with my iPhone in my hand. Unfortunately I found nothing of interest so we will have to be satisfied with the van and the flushing cables which were very long, which were inserted into the openings of our drains.

RDP Wednesday: Coalesce

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