6 thoughts on “FOTD 21st July 2021: Rose

  1. What a beauty! We had a whole day of SUN today! It didn’t rain at all! I got to take a look at our roses. We had a lot of them, but they are all a bit sodden and they aren’t real roses like yours, but they are at least the same color. They are too sad looking to photograph, but it’s nice that they didn’t die in the 13 inches of rain we have had this month.

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    • We also now have our sunny days, although are warned that the week-end will be stormy and some rain, but nothing strange for this time of the year. At least we have had a sunny week. My garden has been good this year and everything is so green. This years crop of roses is one of the best I have ever had. Even the insects are behaving.


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