RDP Tuesday: Break

Everyone seems to be taking a break this afternoon as I travelled along our local river bank. I noticed that our river was a little higher than usual and was rushing along a little quicker, due to the heavy rains and flooding we have had in some parts of Switzerland. Now we have the summer heat again and people were making the most of it. It is also now the beginning of the summer holidays. Being a golden oldie, every day is a holiday for me.

RDP Tuesday: Break

9 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Break

  1. Before I retired last year, my husband (who retired before me) would ask me what day it was and I would think, “Come on. You know what day it is!” Now that I’m retired, I understand. Heck if I know what day it is! Every day is a day off!

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    • We also both have the day syndrome. The problem is he is generally convinced what day it is and I have to remind him that it is not. The only days that are not holidays is when you have to visit the doc.

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  2. I love looking at pictures people take of the places I’m unlikely to visit. Especially ones like this where it’s actual people and local stuff. I see one guy with a mask on his arm and that’s it. Has everyone there pretty much stopped masking?

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    • Masks are no longer compulsory except in closed spaces such as stores. Our levels of new infections sunk considerably for a while, but unfortunately are on the rise again with this new strain.

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