Good Morning

It is another sunny morning and blue skies. At last the ghost of the rainy days seems to have disappeared. We might now get a few isolated hot weather storms, but nothing drastic. My life is correspondingly quiet, just the normal daily routine. The life of a housewife becomes more relaxing as the housewife joins the golden oldies. In between I baked a bread which is now almost eaten. I had the remains for breakfast. Today I will not be baking anything as I will be on the way in town to my neurologist this afternoon. He is the doc responsible for my MS although the annual appointment is basically to ensure that the insurance continues to pay for my every second day, somewhat expensive, injection treatment. I make no false hopes that suddenly a cure has been found for this illness, but new treatments are always being discovered, although nothing for my use up to now.

I discovered this little guy hanging onto one of my rose buds this morning. He looked quite limp but after shaking the bud a little he moved, so he was probably just having a check on food supplies. At the moment insect life is at a minimum. Many flowers have spent their blooms, although there are some preparing for their big day later.

My large patch of sedum is getting ready for its big day, but I will probably have to cut down my tansy which is blocking the view. You could classify tansy as a weed as it tends to take over, but I quite like its little button flowers.

Today would have been a cleaning lady day, but this week she is on holiday in Mallorca enjoying some sand and sea. She will be back next week. She really keeps my bathroom, shower and kitchen in good order, but I can manage for a week.

Otherwise there is not very much to report in my boring daily life. I am just enjoying the sunny days of relaxation at the moment. I hope your day will also be relaxing. Just try to avoid the stress, although easier said than done.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … we just returned from holiday .. helping a nephew move into his new digs at university for one more try at a viable career .. at the age of 32 … this will probably be the last “try” for him … his parents cannot afford anymore “tries” I don’t think … take care and have a great day. SLP …

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    • Glad you are safe and well. When you hear from someone almost every day and they suddenly disappear you wonder if anything has happened. Let us hope that at the age of 32 he will find what he wants. Have a good day


  2. We actually have a probably dry day today. I don’t know about the rest of the week, but it looks like occasional showers rather than the endless downpours we’ve been having. There has been a lot of flooding, but fortunately not here. We did a lot of repairs to prevent future flooding and apparently, it worked. The problem with summer here is that it’s either really hot and humid, or raining. We don’t get much comfortable weather. I don’t mind the heat, but the humidity can make it hard to breathe. Neither of us wants to go much. But maybe over the weekend, we’ll have a couple of nice days. That’s what they are promising at the moment.

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    • After having a week of rain I am glad that we are now back to normal Summer temperatures, although we are warned that there will be a few storms coming during the night. Today I was near the river and it was ruishing along faster than usual with white tops to the waves. We don’t have such a problem with humidity. I always keep an eye on the weather charts as if it rains I cannot go anywhere. I can only travel by scooter and that does not have any protection when it is wet. Germany had very bad floods and parts of the country were just swept away by the rain. There are still 100 people missing that were probably in their houses at the time it all happened.


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