Good Morning

Rain, rain and more rain, it never seems to stop at the moment. We had an hour of storm at the beginning of the night, crashes of thunder and lightening and this morning there was a repeat performance. My No. 1 son has to go for his second covid jab this afternoon and I should go to the doctor, I just hope we have a rain pause during the afternoon otherwise we will get very wet.

Today is cleaning lady morning so she is busy doing the necessary and I decided to make myself comfortable with the computer as there is nothing very much I can do otherwise.

I am expecting a grocery delivery this morning from my grocery store. I noticed that he arrived yesterday afternoon, but not for me. There seem to be other families on our estate that use their services. It is all done with an electric van.

In the meanwhile the snails are enjoying the wet weather. This one was crawling up the wall to my raised bed. At least he/she had a house to keep it dry.

I also found this guy crawling around yesterday. I already saw him in the evening and despatched him outside, but he seemed to have found the way back and was there again yesterday morning. I am not sure what it is, but believe it to be a cricket. He likes to hop around now and again. Summertime really brings out the insects.

The local cat, Roschti, also made an appearance in the garden, but was more interested in enjoying the sunshine.

Otherwise nothing special yesterday. I was feeling quite tired, must be the weather, so had an early night listening to the rain outside. I am now off to cook lunch. Have a good day, and hopefully not such a damp day as we are having

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    Yup, that is a cricket. They are quite common, . . . until one is needed for an entomology class. (Horticulture students study entomology and must collect representatives of the various families of insects.)

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  2. Our yard is getting out of control with all the rain we have been getting. I was out in the yard for a few hours this weekend. It looks better but I have so much more to do. Another day…..

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