Good Morning

At least the sun was beginning to rise when I took the photo and now it is here in all it glory. Looks like it will be a good day today. Tomorrow we have a rain forecast unfortunately. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for the results of my blood test, although I am not expecting anything spectacular. It still seems to be flowing through the arteries and veins in its respective colours. Perhaps it is sometimes a little on the sweeter side, but I do not notice it. Today will be a stressless day at home, with a little housework, but nothing exhausting.

Mr. Swiss will probably spend the day with his Kindle as usual and some reading time. Note the fly swatter in the background. They can be an annoyance at this time of the year.

I took a look in the garden to see if there was anything spectacular happening, but everything looked the same until I took a closer look.

I found my first earwig of the year sitting on a leaf and probably studying the view from the top. I decided to let him do his own thing. Even they have their purpose in their insect lives.

In also found this guy slugging his way along. Since i spread the pellets, I no longer see so many. Actually I have a bit of a guilty feeling about my pellets and decided no longer to do it. Slugs also have their purpose, even if they do devour the hosta leaves. At least I know where they are by the holes in the leaves.

And let us not forget Mr. Bee. There is always one buzzing around somewhere searching for breakfast, dinner or tea. During the colder seasons I am busy with bird photography and now the insects keep me busy.

Naturally I spent part of yesterday evening watching the European cup final between England and Italy. Being a Brit I was of course on the British side of the match, although living in Switzerland for the past 55 years I have many Italian colleagues and must admit I was a bit neutral in my verdict of the winner. I went to bed at half time, but having my iPhone next to the bed and still being awake I could not resist a peep to see who won. As I predicted (to Mr. Swiss) it will most likely be a draw with penalties at the end, and I was right. Italy won with the most successful penalties eventually. The Brits were so convinced they would “bring it home”, so they will have to wait another four years. I can only say congratulations to the Italians.

And now life returns to normal, more or less. Have a good beginning to the week everyone.

Here you can see the been entering his breakfast table on the right.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Lovely post. I didn’t water all my plants as a friend told me it would rain….. now they are ultra dry and I learned not to believe anything I am being told!

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  2. Our next-door neighbors are young Brits and they were very excited about the match. We watched too and we’re disappointed that they didn’t “bring it home”.

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