RDP Saturday: Yesterday Car

Now I am going back a long way, although perhaps not as long as others. I was a late starter in learning how to drive. We never had a car in London. We couldn’t afford it in the fifties. Dad even worked for the Ford Motor Company in Dagenham, working on the hubs on the wheels.

However after meeting Mr. Swiss and getting married we had our first car. I could still not drive, but Mr. Swiss could. It was a Volkswagen, nothing flashy, but it got us from A to B. With the years when the kids had grown I went back to work and it was really time for me to have my own car. Travelling to work with Mr. Swiss or with the bus was not so ideal and so I began to search and found my first car, a Fiat 127. This was around 1980. It had four gears and got me from A to B for a few years. Anyhow it served its purpose. Later I progressed to a larger Fiat. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss was in pension and we were left with one car, his car, a Volvo 960. This was a big automatic one, but I enjoyed driving it.

My last car for a few years was a Skoda. I was then restricted to automatic cars because of my MS problems. Mr. Swiss had a crash, I had a crash a few years later and it was then the end of cars. I now drive a scooter and so does Mr. Swiss and they also get us from A to B with no problem, so – who needs a car?

<RDP Saturday: Yesterday Car

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