Good Morning

What a dismal rain soaked morning. I do not think it has stopped raining since yesterday afternoon. I should really get out to visit the stores for a few things, but in this wet weather sitting on a scooter is not fun, because with rain jacket you will still get wet. The perfect solution for keeping dry on a scooter has not yet been discovered. There are a few ideas, but none very effective. My only chance today is to hope for a pause in the rain. Mr. Swiss said take the local train. Not a very brilliant idea. It involves five minutes of struggling along in the rain with my walker to reach the station, mounting the train and when I arrive at my destination, another five minutes of walking to the store. Afterwards loading up the walker with the shopping and dragging it all back home. Sometimes life can be so complicated.

Everything is wet, wet, wet. Perhaps it might stop for an hour in the afternoon.

I naturally spent the day at home yesterday. I was in a bit of a dilemma with my bread. I have enough frozen, but prefer it fresh, although only had a few remainders. I did not really want to bake a full loaf as then I would have too much. However, there is always a solution.

I decided to bake a focaccia, an Italian bread, but a quicker product. The dough is made quickly. It is a flat bread so bakes faster. Just a spread with some olive oil and a sprinkle of fresh rosemary needles with salt and then bake it for 20 minutes. We all like it. No need to cut it in pieces, we usually tear it apart. I always use pizza flour to make it. I only make as much as we eat, so nothing left afterwards. I find you have to eat it fresh for the best taste.

Has it stopped raining? I hear no pitter patter outside, although I never go anywhere in the morning, but prefer to make my journeys in the afternoon.

I will now depart to the daily chores, although Wednesday does not have so many. I just have to sort the washing from yesterday’s cleaning spree, which is still a little damp. However, no rush, I no longer have the energy for speedy gonzales work. Keep safe evryone.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The focaccia idea is excellent. Got to know it in Italy and loved it ever since.
    Sadly I have no rosemary plant. In France I had a rosemary DJUNGLE but couldn’t take any with me as we never returned due to Covid. Next spring I’ll buy a plant!

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  2. Good morning … great photos … I need to start baking something like your loaves … maybe tomorrow when the Hurricane hits us coming up from Florida .. that would be a good day to follow your example .. clean out the kitchen cabinets …. and get my bread ingredients all lined up … we will see …. have a great day .. SLP …

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    • Hope you survived the hurricane OK. We have just had continuous rain, but at lunch time it stopped and we had a wonderful warm sunny afternoon. Clearing out kitchen cabinets is an endless work.


  3. Here in New England, we overwinter the rosemary plants in the greenhouse, otherwise, they won’t survive. Thanks for the reminder about the focaccia, when it cools off a bit I’ll bake some.

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    • Rosemary survives ok here during the winter although it is good to cover them if it gets really cold. Mine thrive quite well in the garden an can develop into bushes


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