Good Morning

If you look carefully into the background you even get a glimpse of some snow covered mountains. Otherwise nothing out of the ordinary this morning and the weather is not showing itself from the better side. It is also no longer so hot, although I should be glad of that, although yesterday I was even having thoughts about wearing trousers instead of shorts.

A few bugs have also ventured out in the open. this one was a black variety of wood lice. Apparently they come in two colours, grey and black. They mainly seem to live in he underground, under stones, in dark places, but are really harmless. They do not sting or bite and do no damage to plants. I think they are probably the cleaners of the insect underworld. They must live from something.

A snail with house also appeared, but they are less harmless than the houseless slugs and their appetites do not seem to be so voracious.

The usual feline visior also appeared, but seemed to be more interested in the contents of an empty pot which was probably filled with rainwater.

She did not stay long and decided to see what Mrs. Human had to offer in the shape of feline delights. The week-end has already come and gone. Time goes so quickly. My plans for today are baking a bread and dithering around in the garden and home. I do not intent to go places and I think it may become a rainy wet day. My evening chores yesterday were already finished early enough to keep up my new regime of going to bed earlier. It really does make a difference and I feel more relaxed.

I also discovered a wild animal in the field.

Of course it was just the neighbour’s cat Röschti. I think he was training to play the part of the lion king in the next film

Otherwise life is quite uneventful at the moment. I will now go into action in the apartment, although in slow motion. I wish everyone a good start to the week and take care.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a lovely beginning of this week. I wish you the same. We HAVE been eating our breakfast on our patio (well sheltered). But it IS cooler and one feels that maybe autumn isn’t as far as we would wish for….. and we haven’t had a summer yet….

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    • Now and again I might take my breakfast outside in the morning, but only when it is really warm enough. It is also quite sheltered outside, but the sun only appears an hour after I rise. The weather seems to have ups and downs. Today it is sunny in the afternoon, but the morning was not so friendly. We had two weeks of summer and it was too hot to enjoy.


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