Good Morning

A boring sky this morning. No matter where you look it is grey and more grey. It got a little chilli yesterday in the evening and is not exactly a warm Summer morning today. I began my new timetable yesterday and must say it is really more relaxing to go to bed early with no evening chores to deal with. the washing was finished and hanging already. The dishwasher was running and Mr. Swiss emptied it some time in the early morning hours on a trip to the kitchen. I have a good programme on the dishwasher which does not go so long. I never have a lot in it, and it is rarely full. It only takes a few minutes to empty. I think Mr. Swiss was quite surprised when I told him I was also going to bed so he could switch off the TV especially as one of my Star Trek films was on the TV. He really thought I would stay up to watch it, but at the moment I have no interest. And if necessary there is alwas a DVD to record it, although that is not my thing. I was really looking forward to a nice restful sleep.

Yet another of my hostas now has buds, It is not the last, as there is still a bed full that up to now have no buds. They are the ones that seem to be the favourite part of a slug diet, but I have placed enough pellets on the ground to give them no chance of feeding on them. The leaves are looking good with no traces of the 250 teeth marks of the individual slugs.

I stayed at home yesterday. It begun to rain at some time in the afternoon so it was not exactly inviting to go anywhere. I made myself comfortable with my current book. If you are a tennis fan you could have watched the TV, but I am not and 2-3 hours of Wimbledon is not my thing. At least a Swiss bloke won it (I think), Roger Federer. We seem to have more success with tennis than football. England will now be in the final of the European Football Cup and everyone is convinced they will win.

I noticed that my kalanchoe outside on the porch is developing some nice leaves. Perhaps it might even make flowers again. I have had it a year, but throughout the Winter it did not do very much. As soon as it is outside in the fresh air it begins to recover. I have to make sure it does not get too much rain, although up to now it does not seem to be suffering from damp feet. They make such wonderful groups of flowers and I would love it to flower again.

The roses and my honesty plant seem to be battling for a place to be noticed.

I will be finishing my weekly grocery order today for delivery on Tuesday. That is the advantage of online orders. I can always visit the web site and add to it. I think I did the main part of the new list some time in the early morning hours on my iPad from the bed.

Have a good Sunday everyone. I think we will be having a wet Sunday, but another opportunity to relax at home with no stress. Here is a reminder of the good sunny days near where I live two days ago.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    At least it is good so far. Today is Independence Day. I happen to like tradition; but the main tradition of Independence Day is fireworks tonight. I suspect that the tradition began while American was still confined to the East Coast, where forest fires are not such a major threat. In the West Independence Day happens to be during the worst part of the Fire Season.
    Anyway, do you happen to know another name or the Latin name for you honesty plant? The only honesty plant that I know is Lunaria annua, which looks nothing like that.


    • As a matter of fact I do. We call it Rainfarn in German and in Latin it is Tanacetum vulgare. It is a plant you often see here growing by the railway tracks and apparently it is supposed to be very good for the ground, although I am not sure. The flowers are like little yellow buttons.
      And enjoy your independence day. I believe you are celebrating the day when you kicked out the Brits.

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      • Tansy! Oh, I should have guessed!
        Independence Day is the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, although, Independence had been declared a few days earlier, and was not formalized for another month. Brits (or British people) did not get kicked out. They just became Americans. California was still part of Spain back then. It later became part of Mexico, and then part of America. Of course, I was not involved with any of it, since it all happened way before my time. My ancestors were not here yet either.

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