Good Morning

Looks like a bright start to the day, although not really friendly. Yesterday was a wonderful summer day, no rain or storms for a change. Today I am not so sure. I was going to make a short journey to the nearest store yesterday, but decided it would be worth a trip into town in such good weather.

The street cafés were occupied and everyone was enjoying the summer’s day. It seems the masks are gradually disappearing, although in closed areas we still have to wear them. Outside in the open fresh air there is no great danger. The Swiss vaccination programme is making progress.

There is enough opportunity to keep your distance in our old town. It is never really crowded. Even the stores have enough space. I only bought some meat from the butcher’s counter to freeze at home. I like to stock up on food. During the summer there is no great problem, but Winter is not so friendly with its cold, ice and snow. I just like to take precautions.

In the meanwhile I just had a visitor, as always. I had to break up my writing to give him a breakfast treat. Roschti has now departed to make his usual morning rounds.

And now I had another interruption with a three month delivery of my MS inject medicine. It is delivered by the post in refrigerated boxes during the Summer months and I have now unpacked it all and put it in my refrigerator. And now I hope there will be no more interruptions.

Eventually I arrived at the store, although I did not have a lot to get. It was almost just a sighseeing journey. They still have everything packed in scaffolding. The building next door to the store used to be one of our hotels, but the owners are now retired and the building was sold. It is now being developed into an apartment house. There seem to be building sites everywhere in town at the monent, but they have to make the most of the summer months as in Winter it is too cold for outside work.

This is one of the more modern parts of town with offices, some restaurants and where my grocery store is. We used to live in this area and it was very useful for shopping as the stores were only a few minutes away. If you look further on the photo you can the Southern part of the old town just over the river.

Today I have nothing really planned. I am now reconstructing my life a little. As I get older I find I am not as fit as I used to be and my MS is not improving. I am changing my washing routine beginning an hour earlier in the evening. This means I can go to bed earlier and no longer have such a stress with hanging the wash late in the evening. From 9.00 pm electricity is half price, but not so extreme and my health is more important than saving costs with washing machine electricity. Mr. Swiss is also taking over a little more household work. He always helped, but has noticed I can do less and less manual work, and I must say it does stress me. He never sleeps through and during his waking time he now empties for dishwasher during the night. He has also begun to make my No. 1 son’s bed in the morning. I really notice the difference. It is less stress for me. It is partially my fault, as I just did these things not wanting to bother him with it, but we have both seen that a little change in routine is a good thing. I feel less stressed and was getting quite nervous at times. Even at the golden oldie age of 75 it is not too late to change and Mr. Swiss is still active with his 82 years, although naturally not as 10 years ago, but he can manage OK.

And now I will carry on with my daily routine. I can still manage the daily cleaning OK and I have to do something to keep me out of mischief. Today there are no plans for me so I will be taking it easy. Have a good week-end everyone, and I hope you manage your life’s situations OK. I have discovered that you can always learn something new.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning …great photos .. so much activity in your village … I am glad things are getting back to normal in your world .. take care and have a great day .. SLP …

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  2. Garry’s shoulder surgery got pulled, so he’s in a sling and there’s not a lot he can do with one arm. He’s too old to get the surgery redone, so all we can hope for is if he really gives it a long rest, it will do at least some healing on its own. We are all at that stage where surgery is a very last resort option and generally to be avoided. I can’t do as much as I did. My back is what it is and my chest has never healed properly, so there’s a limited amount I can do. I fall easily and I have to be very careful where I put my feet because they get tangled and I just keel over. This isn’t exactly what we all had planned for our senior years! Garry is just a few years younger than Mr. Swiss and a lot of days, he feels every day of those years.

    Owen is helping a lot, especially with cooking and cleaning up — and he does all the outside work or at least as much as he is able. I wish it were easier.

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    • I also did not expect this in my older years. I am inoperable and MS just progresses. II am glad to be able to leave my bed in one piece in the morning. Falling is another accompanying hazard, especially as I often do not have the strength to stand again. There are days when i would be glad to be able to live on my own and have someone to care for me, without having the Buden of solving everyone else’s problems. I get quite depressed sometimes about it. Conversations do not happen and I often feel very much left alone with my problems

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