RDP Thursday: Cauldron

This is my cauldron. I stopped heating it with an open fire as it got a bit messy in the kitchen. It was also a nuiscance wearing my pointy hat and muttering incantations every time I cooked something. I decided to go modern and used an electric oven, although that also has its disadvantages.

Today I decided to give it a clean. It was necessary, for the photo of course as well. Baking bread needs very high temperatures, 240°C to be exact and that tends to leave its mark on the various surfaces of the oven. The back surface was the worst, everything full of brown streaks. However, no problem. Probably I can remove the door to simplify cleaning methods, but I never got the hang of that. So after a few acrobatics I managed to clean my cauldron. No more double bubble or toil and trouble, now just “You have to lean to get it clean”. I know there are still a few brown marks, but they too will one day disappear. I just cannot remember the correct incantation for making them disappear. Perhaps “Out damm spot” although I think I am getting a little mixed up but the oven hell can be murky according to Lady MacBeth.

RDP Thursday: Cauldron

12 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Cauldron

  1. I love turning the oven into a metaphorical cauldron in Macbeth. Good job with the cleaning. I love to get in the oven with a mix of lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda for a good clean. I have a razor blade scraper too. most oven build up comes right off without a cleaning solution with that.

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  2. I decided that I would take the door off my oven at my old house when I was cleaning it before it went on the market. There were marks between the two panes of glass on the door. i got them off but putting that door back on again was such a pain in the neck. I thought it was me being dumb so asked a male who is pretty handy to have a look and he could not work it out either. How proud I was when I managed to put the thing back together myself. After that I decided that if any more marks appeared on the glass I would do as the real estate guide suggested and disguise it with a tastefully arranged tea towel.

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    • Good idea. I also have one mark between the doors, nothing big, but I would like to remove it. I am sure there must be an easy way to remove the door. The oven is about 3-4 years old. I am just worried that if I get it off, I also will not be able to re-attach it again. At least I have long arms but it is hard work.


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